Great outdoor stories

Travelog The adventure of crossing the Alps
Travelog · 2018-07-03
To cross the Alps on the E5 long distance path: an undertaking that excites many passionate long distance hikers – such as me. For about a week I ...
by Julia Gebauer,  Outdooractive Editors
Report Top left: Astrid Lindgren, bottom left: Villa Villekulla, right: Lindgren's parental home in Vimmerby
Report · 2018-07-10
“Be naughty, wild and wonderful.” This quote is by the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, who managed to enchant readers – both young and old – all ...
by Veronika Leikam,  Outdooractive Editors
Report Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park
Report · 2013-11-19
It wasn't the first time, that Richard Wetherill was out looking for his lost cattle on December the 18th in 1888. The cowboy was regularly in the ...
by Patrick Schmidt,  Outdooractive Editors
Report · 2018-10-23
A lot of people in continental Europe know the story of the baron riding a cannonball, the duck hunt or the horse that was stuck on top of a church ...
by Wiebke Hillen,  Outdooractive Editors
Report Moai on Easter Island
Report · 2018-03-27
Somewhere in the endless blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean, more than 2300 miles from the Chilean mainland, a strange island appears on the horizon: ...
by Tabea Götze,  Outdooractive Editors
Report Passing the Brocken Railway during a hike up to the peak taking the Heinrich-Heine-Trail
Report · 2018-05-29
Northern Germany’s highest mountain and meeting place of witches during Walpurgis Night – The Brocken is a well-known site. But the Cold War left its ...
by Wiebke Hillen,  Outdooractive Editors
Report The view over Barcelona from Park Güell
Report · 2015-09-23
Asymmetrical layouts, visionary facades, curved lines, pristine forms and colorful ceramic tiles on top: To this day the Catalan architect Antoni ...
by Lena Wiesler,  Outdooractive Editors
Report Lake Wörth, Carinthia
Report · 2019-04-03
The “Wörthersee” in Carinthia is Austria’s most famous swimming pond – numerous tourists visit the shores every year and quite a few films and TV ...
by Wiebke Hillen,  Outdooractive Editors