The free route planner for hiking, cycling and mountaineering

Plan your trip with just a few clicks.

What you want

A route planner for more than 30 different outdoor activities

Where you want

At home or away from it. Plan your own routes worldwide and for free

When you want

Whilst planning your vacation or when you are already on it. The best route is only ever a few click away

How you want

Tailor your individual routes to be short, easy or fast. Or the other way around

Free route planner for hikers, cyclists and mountaineers

Free route planner for hikers, cyclists and mountaineers

Our free Route Planner is the perfect tool for planning hikes, bike rides and mountaineering trips. Routes for a wide variety of outdoor activities can be planned with just a few clicks. Get the best directions and route to reach your destination with the Outdooractive Route Planner.

The ideal route is only ever a few clicks away

The ideal route is only ever a few clicks away

Yes, route planning can be that simple: Select an activity such as hiking, cycling or mountaineering, then set your start point and destination on the map. The Outdooractive Route Planner will automatically calculate the optimal route based on the existing trail network. If you want to pass by specific places along the way, simply drag the route over that part of the map and the geometry will automatically adjust.

For hiking trips

Our Route Planner lets you easily plan the best hikes and explore nature on your own terms. Access to the complete network of official hiking trails makes this tool perfect for planning any route.

For cycling trips

Want to cycle from A to B, but don't know the shortest way? That's not an issue because our Route Planner is also optimized for bike navigation. Choose between general bike rides, MTB or road cycling under "activity", select your starting point and destination and that's it! The Route Planner will automatically calculate the best route on the fully detailed cycling network within seconds.

Printing your routes and saving them on smartphones or GPS devices

After you have finished planning your route, you can export it to print or save it to your smartphone or GPS navigation device. Choose between GPX or KML file formats and upload it with just one click. If you prefer to print the route on a map and take it on your bike ride or hike, then simply select to save it as a PDF.

Sharing your routes

Effective route planning is but a part of the rewarding journey towards ensuring a successful and enjoyable trip and our Route Planner offers you numerous ways to get the most out of all the details of your experience. You can share your routes with the Outdooractive Community with added descriptions and the best photos from the trip. By doing so you are creating truly unique routes to the benefit of other outdoor sports enthusiasts.

First steps with the rout planner - your first tour in just a few minutes

  1. First of all choose one of more than 30 activities, e.g. hiking, mountaineering or mountainbiking.
  2. Choose the startpoint of your route by clicking on the map or inserting text.
  3. Make waypoints if you want or just click to your endpoint - the route planner will automatically estimate the best route for your activity on the right path network.
  4. Plan your individual tour and decide what kind of route you prefer - the shortest, easiest or fastets route.
  5. You can see all details from your tour: length, duration, vertical height and all kinds of ways on your tour.
  6. Print your route as PDF or load down the GPX or KML Track for your GPS tool - let´s go!
  7. Afterwards you can complete your route with helpful tips and a informative directions.
  8. For sure you did take great pictures: upload them directly to your tour!
  9. Share your tours and experiences with your friends and the community.

Tips and tricks for your route planning - what else can you do with the route planner

  • You tracked your tour with a GPS tool and like to prepare it well at home? Just import it from your tool to the computer and upload it on the route planner. Now you can improve and complete the tour.
  • Within your tour you can also do more than just one activity - e.g. hiking and biking. Just put a waypoint where you want to change the activity and select another activity for the rest of your tour.
  • Already planned your route but choosen the wrong activity? No problem, you can change the activity to every time - the route planner will automatically adapt your dates for the new activity.