Mt. Vrh Krnic (1896 m), an indistinct peak between Mt. Vogel and the Globoko Mountain pass

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9.6 km
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990 m
990 m
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Due to its prominence, it is possible to notice the depression beneath Mt. Vrh Krnic already at the arrival on the Razor Mountain pasture. In favourable snow conditions, this wonderful slope offers various difficulty levels of skiing.

From the village of Tolminske Ravne, ascend to the Razor Mountain pasture along the marked hiking trail. You can quench your thirst at the trough with running water, where you can choose between two ascents. The left trail is shorter and steeper, whilst the right trail is routed along a comfortable mule trail. This option is usually selected if the area above the starting point is already covered with a blanket of snow.

You exit the forest after approximately 60 minutes. On the mountain pasture you can soon notice the mountain hut which is closed during the winter months.

From the mountain pasture, start following the trail towards Mt. Vogel. Turn uphill to the left beneath the depression and continue through a thin forest to the top of the depression. During your ascent, keep to the right beneath the ridge which, due to its location, lies in the shadow for a considerable amount of time even during the spring months. When walking on skis becomes uncomfortable, put on your crampons and use the ice-axe to climb to the top. The top ridge is very narrow but offers splendid views. In case of good visibility you can enjoy in views of all of the summits of the Julian Alps and also the summits of the Karavanke Mountain chain and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Ski along the trail you came from or choose between several other descents along the wide slope.

Author’s recommendation

We advise you not to take the tour immediately after the snowfall. We recommend that skiers, who are less experienced on steep slopes, ascend along a more gradually ascending trail to the mountain pass located far left from Mt. Vrh Krnic.

1862 m
894 m
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Safety information

The slope just beneath the summit is very steep, which is why we recommend you to make the ascent by using crampons and the ice-axe.


Winter equipment.

Tips, hints and links

If you have enough energy, you can also ascend far left from the end of the depression viewed from the direction of the ascent. The descent along a more gradual slope will surely impress you.

At the mountain hut on the Razor Mountain pasture you can find a winter cabin (10 beds) which you can use if you intend to take another tour above the mountain pasture the next day.


Tolminske Ravne (896 m)
46.229347, 13.772806
33T 405369 5120261


Mt. Vrh Krnic (1896 m)

Turn-by-turn directions

From the parking lot in the village of Tolminske Ravne, follow the trail towards the Razor Mountain pasture. At the marked junction at the trough with running water, choose between the shorter and steeper trail and the longer and more gradually ascending trail. When you exit the forest you arrive to the pastures where you can immediately notice the nice depression beneath Mt. Vrh Krnic in the mountain range above the mountain pasture (towards the east). Pass the mountain hut on the Razor Mountain and ascend along the trail towards Mt. Vogel. At the clearing beneath the well visible depression turn to the left into the low forest and continue through the forest until you reach the beginning of the depression. Continue ascending in bends towards the ridge on the left side of the depression. The closer you get to the top, the steeper the slope becomes, which is why we recommend you to use your crampons and the ice-axe. The top ridge is very narrow and requires caution.

You can ski down the depression along the trail you came from or cross the slope and find your own ski route. When you exit the forest and arrive to the trail, we recommend you to go west through the forest. The slope beneath the Globoko Mountain pass also offers nice skiing.

We recommend you to inspect the terrain and decide the route of skiing already during your ascent on the mountain.

Public transport

There is no public transportation available.


Parking lot in the village of Tolminske Ravne.
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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