Mt. Turn pod Razorjem (2348 m) – a skiing pearl in the Mlinarica Valley

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The area between Mt. Razor and Mt. Prisojnik (Prisank) hides a valley named after the Mlinarica Stream which carved a wonderful gorge in the lower part of the valley, whilst the upper part of this valley offers some of the best ski touring conditions in the Soča Valley.
Behind the roadmen house (1080 m), located along the road to the Vršič Mountain pass, descend down the cart track and after approximately 50 m turn uphill to the left to a nicely routed hunting trail. You will hike on soft leaves just above the riverbed of the Mlinarica Stream. During the spring months, the trail is decorated with numerous Christmas-rose flowers. If the winter was generous with snow, you can soon find yourself in genuine winter conditions because you will have to wait until noon for the sun to shine into the valley. You hike more or less in the shade until you reach the Griva Mountain rib at the altitude of 2000 where you are greeted by the sun. Not for long though. The sun actually never reaches the last section of the trail to Mt. Turn. After you overcome 300 metres of altitude difference you arrive to a ledge which is spacious enough for you to comfortably settle down and wait for the beautiful sight. If you want to enjoy in really exceptional views you have to leave your skis behind and ascend to the ridge on the left side of the ledge.

You should ski down the same trail you came from. Because of the high altitude you can choose your own direction of skiing. In good snow conditions you can ski down the snow tongues almost to the point beneath the roadmen house.

Author’s recommendation

Skiing in the Mlinarica Valley is most comfortable around 11:00 during the spring months when the sun comes from behind Mt. Razor and softens the snow surface.
2086 m
1092 m
Best time of year

Safety information

It is unsafe to ski in this valley immediately after heavy snowfall because the slope becomes prone to avalanches.

The sun does not shine into the valley until the middle of the day which is why the surface of the snow is usually hard and slippery. We recommend you to make the ascent by using crampons and the ice-axe.


Complete winter equipment.

Tips, hints and links

You can choose the route of your ascent or descent according to your level of experience and quality of the surface because the inclination of the slope varies. You should adapt the course to your abilities.


Roadmen house (1080 m) along the road to the Vršič Mountain pass (1092 m)
46.407455, 13.754619
33T 404277 5140073


Mt. Turn pod Razorjem (2348 m)

Turn-by-turn directions

Behind the roadmen house (1080 m), located along the road to the Vršič Mountain pass, descend down the cart track and after approximately 50 m take the hunting trail on your left, which leads uphill through the forest. When you reach the junction, continue to the right. After approximately 30 minutes of walking you will reach the usually dry riverbed of the Mlinarica Stream. If snow conditions are good you can put on your skis already here and ascend along the wide slopes beneath Mt. Razor. Keep close to the access trail. On the Griva Mountain pass, at an altitude of approx. 2000 m, turn uphill to the right towards the distinctive peak of Mt. Turn pod Razorjem. If the slope is hardened, put on your crampons and continue on foot because this will certainly make the ascent more comfortable. You have to overcome 300 metres of altitude difference to reach the ledge.

You should ski down the same trail you came from or choose between the left and the right side of the approach, depending on the situation. If the snow tongues are long you can ski quite far and almost reach the starting point.

Public transport

There is no public transportation available.

Getting there

Drive from the town of Bovec to the Vršič Mountain pass. At an altitude of 1080 m you will notice a decaying roadmen house on the right side of the road where you can park.

If you come from the town of Kranjska Gora or the Vršič Mountain pass, descend towards the village of Trenta.


The parking lot is very small. There is enough space for three cars next to the roadmen house. You can park vehicles with high chassis at the small area at a bend opposite to the starting point.
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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