St Olav Waterway - 3. Lillandet to Nagu village

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8 km
26 m
21 m
Public transport friendly Multi-stage route Refreshment stops available Scenic Geological highlights

Peaceful roads through farming land and 3 islands. The scenery will remind you of Victor Westerholm’s landscape paintings from the late 1800s.

Most of the trail travels along quiet rural roads although a short section on the main archipelago road gives beautiful views from two bridges. A photo of the view from Nordströms Bridge features on a postage stamp that won the most beautiful Finnish stamp competition by popular vote in 2017.

Just before Nagu village Westerholm’s nature and culture path explores the area where young Victor spent his youth and inspired his paintings.

The St. Olav fieldstone church in Nagu is from the 1440s.

You can enjoy a good meal in the many restaurants in Nagu and stock up on provisions for the days ahead. Nagu is one of Finland’s busiest pleasure boat marinas and has a lovely swimming beach. If you wish to stay in the village, you will have the time to take a short ferry trip to the Island of Seili. Seili has a grim history of being a leprosy colony (1620-1785) and mental asylum until 1962. The wooden church is well worth a visit. 

Author’s recommendation

At Nagu harbour, one of Finland’s busiest pleasure boat marinas, you can eat warm fish straight from the smoker during season.

Highest point
28 m
Lowest point
6 m
Best time of year

Safety information

The stage is mainly along secondary tarmacked and gravel roads. When walking along roads without pavements or cycle paths, please walk on the left side, facing the direction of traffic and be aware of oncoming cars.

The route is marked with the square logo of St Olav Ways and arrows. On easier sections, there may only be a couple of signs per kilometre.

Ticks are prevalent in long grass and damp vegetation. Although it is very unlikely to pick up a tick if you keep to the trail it is a good idea to conduct a tick check in the evening especially if you have been in places of lush vegetation. Tick tweezers are a good idea. More information about ticks here.

Snakes enjoy the archipelago and love rocky warm places. They are normally shy and will slither away but it is wise to keep an eye out for them. There are two snake species in the archipelago grass snakes and adders.

The archipelago is a sensitive area; please respect the nature and inhabitants of the archipelago. You can read about your rights and responsibilities according to everyman's right. Lighting fires is only allowed with the permission of the landowner when there is no general fire warning. 

You should carry a first aid kit and mobile phone, 112 is the emergency number in Finland. We recomend the 

112 Suomi smart phone app which can helps the emergency services locate you if needed.

Weather forecast and weather and fire warnings:

More information:

Tips, hints and links

Soratie/ dirt road/ grusväg                         3.2 km

Tie/ road/ väg                                               3.7 km

Pyörätie / cycle path / cykelväg                0.9 km

Polku/ trail / stig                                          0.3 km

Lautta/ ferry/ färja                                       0 km

Silta/ bridge/ bro                                         2


Now you can order your own pilgrim passport online before the journey or buy from Turku Cathedral.



Nagu Lillandet (21 m)
60.163702, 22.005964
34V 555831 6670067


Nagu village

Turn-by-turn directions

  1. Continue along Lillandsvägen, the distance to Nagu village is 8km.

  2. After 1.5km turn left onto Laggarnäsvägen

    Please note, a small section of the tractor road (less than1km) has a new gravel surface that is difficult for bikes with thin tyres.

  3. Walk for 1.6km

  4. Turn right onto Träskvägen

  5. Follow the tractor track and road for 1.5km until you get to the main archipelago road. There are nice places along Västerträsk Lake for picnics.

  6. Walk for 2km along the main road crossing two bridges. The road can be busy at times, please be especially careful on the bridges.

  7. Near the village, turn right onto Westerholm’s culture path and cross the field.
    You can alternatively take a left turn and take the longer part of Westerholm’s nature path. There is a Bronze Age burial mound and great view from the rocky top here.

  8. The short section ends at the church. There are two grocery stores, a number of hotels, BBs and restaurants. Nagu village has the last cash machine and Alko wine store on the trail. There is a great sandy beach at Framnäs.

  9. You can chose to end the walk here or continue on section 4 where there are more BBs and hotels

Public transport

Public transport friendly

Getting there

A regular bus service travels along the main archipelago road between Turku, Pargas, Nagu and Korpo. Buses 901 - 904 

To make a round trip to Turku you can return with the tourist ferry from Nagu to Turku  or take the bus.

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

The official pilgrim’s credentials for St. Olav Ways to Trondheim (pilgrim’s passport) can be obtained from Turku Cathedral or in advance from our online shop: 

A Guide book is available in Finnish only at the moment
Pyhän Olavin retkeilyreitit, Harri Ahonen, Aada Ala-Tala,   


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