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On the trail of the Romans by bycicle from Donauwörth to Füssen...
The Via Claudia Augusta, which was build between 15 B.C. and 46/47 A.D., at the one hand served for securing and controlling the at that time reclaimed land in Germania and on the other hand conduced the trade and the development of the adjacent regions. The precise routing had been marked by Milliaria (Roman milestones). Along the road several replicas of these milestones exist. To this day solely two original milestones are well-preserved and  legible: one of Rablà in South Tyrol and one of Cesiomaggiore near Feltre.The two relicts though decripe two different routes of the most important military and trading road of the Romans. Both milestones name the Danube as the point of arrival, the place of departure is however in one case in Ostiglia near the river Po and in the other case in Altino near Venice. Both routes coalesce in Trento. From there it  continues anlong the Val d'Adige (valley) to Bolzano and on to Merano. At the Passo di Resia (mountain pass)  it crosses the Alps. To Füssen the route leads through the valley of the river Inn, from there through the Lechtal (Lech valley), passes Augsburg and ends near Donauwörth.

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Who would like to take the Via Claudia Augusta beyond the bavarian section can use one of the available shuttle-services for himself and the bicycle. For more information: click here
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Comprehensive webside about the Via Claudia Augusta, compiled by supporters of the Via Claudia Augusta from Germany and Austria. Includes, among others, detailed directions, informations on current events, sights, history, accommodations and restaurants. For more information click here

Turn-by-turn directions

The routing of the Via Claudia Augusta in Bavaria is signposted very well by the Via-Claudia- logo and follows mainly vehicle-free bycicle paths as well as quiet by-roads, partially though it passes unpaved forest and agricultural roads.

The route section from Donauwörth to Landsberg am Lech is flat with slight incline, just behind Landsberg it becomes hilly up to the Austrian border.

The tour starts at the major district town - formerly free imperial city - Donauwörth. Via Mertingen, Nordendorf and Westendorf the route runs beside the river Lech and follows it via Gersthofen to Augsburg. Here it leads through the center of Augsburg, the forest Siebentischwald and runs alongside the meadows Lechauen to Königsbrunn. From here passing the Lechfeld and several small towns you reach Landsberg am Lech, whose medieval center is worth a side trip. West of the river Lech it continues in a southward direction via Erpfting, Unterdießen, Fuchstal and Denklingen and subsequently with a short distance along the river Lech via Hohenfurch it passes Schongau. The route keeps on following the river Lech via Lechbruck am See, past Roßhaupten, alongside the lake Forggensee, just before it finally passes Füssen and ends at the border to Austria.

Getting there

The starting point of the tour is located near the station in Donauwörth. The arrival can be accomplished either by car or by train.

Arrival by car: on Autobahn (motorway) A 7 (coming from Ulm/Günzburg) or A 8 (coming from Augsburg) or A9 (coming from Ingolstadt) then on Bundesstraße (A-road) B 16 or B 2 or B 25 (Romantische Straße/Romantic Road) to Donauwörth, follow then the sign-posting to the station.

Arrival by train: there are direct connections to Munich, Augsburg, Aalen, Nuremberg, Regensburg, Ingolstadt, Stuttgart and Ulm. At the train station Donauwörth the Riesbahn (train) to Aalen departs and the railway tracks Nuremberg-Augsburg and the Donautalbahn (Bavaria) from Ulm to Regensburg cross.



In the urban area of Donauwörth serveral (covered) car parks are available: Click me

All 3 lines of the city bus, which runs every 30 respectively 60 minutes, stop at the station. Click me 

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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Travel Guide: Long distance cycling routes in Bavarian Swabia

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Rein hard
ab lansberg a. lech ist die tour ein träum ,nicht zuletzt weil man ab da die berge schon ins blick hat, der weg ist sehr gut ausgeschildert. in füssen und reute hat man einen zug anschluss um wieder entspannt nach hause zu kommen.
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