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12.1 km
928 m
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Follow a cactus lined, rocky canyon downhill to a secluded beach with wild blue waters. Then take in stunning coastline views as you traverse and climb hillsides through tiny hamlets before making a final ascent over a mountain col and back to the village of Afur.

A final walk in Anaga leads from the hamlet of Afur to the secluded beach of Playa de Tamadite, passing small waterfalls and shallow ponds. Take a rugged  path along the wild north coast before continuing through vineyards  and passing small hamlets to reach Taganana.

Take a wander round this historic village with its cobbled streets and 16th century church and enjoy lunch in one of the restaurants before returning to Afur. A final night spent relaxing in Punta del Hidalgo completes your coast to coast journey of the island of Tenerife.

Author’s recommendation

Although the waters of the Atlantic may be rough there are a couple of beautiful pools to swim in on your approach to Playa de Tamadite . Pack your costume!

Highest point
607 m
Lowest point
3 m
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Safety information

The valley from Afur to Playa de Tamadite can be prone to flooding during or after heavy rainfall. If you reach a point where the water crossings look too deep or fast, or you notice rockfall from the cliffs then we suggest you do not proceed any further until the waters have subsided.

Tips, hints and links

Food & Drink:

Punta del Hidalgo has a number of stores from where you can stock up on any supplies you may need for today's walk. If you prefer to eat at a restaurant/bar whilst en route there are a couple of options in Taganana as well as a small bar just next to the church in Afur.


Points of Interest:

El Chorro

Also known as Los Auchones, El Chorro is a small hamlet located high on the hillside appoximately halfway along today's walk. The rural setting means agriculture is the main way of life here with the top being wine-making. Approximately thirteen wineries are dotted around the area with their production being geared towards family consumption or for sale in local bars and shops around Taganana. Ask at the bar in town as they may have a bottle or two in stock for you to try.


Portugal, Taganana

Not to be mistaken with the country, Portugal is actually the oldest neighbourhood of Taganana. This steep, hillside street was originally the residence to master sugar makers hailing from the Portuguese island of Medeira in the 16th century. One of the first tasks of the settlers was to fix the Camino de Las Vueltas road to transport sugar from here to La Laguna.


Afur (206 m)
28.555382, -16.248596
28R 377864 3159363



Turn-by-turn directions

0.00km - Starting at the parking next to Afur village, follow the sign for ‘Playa de Tamadite’. STRAIGHT ON along the descending vehicle track.

0.15km - TURN RIGHT at the sign for Tamadite and Taganana. Yellow/white markers point the way.

0.45km - TURN RIGHT at the sign for Playa de Tamadite. The trail soon descends fairly steeply.

0.95km - Cross a small next to a small, black basalt rock formation then continue STRAIGHT ON.

1.10km - BEAR LEFT at a small waterfall and pool to take the ascending rock steps with wooden barrier.

1.60km - On reaching the top of a steep sided, rocky climb you gain your first view of Playa de Tamitade.

1.90km - On your right is a beautifully cool pool, perfect for a quick dip. Continue STRAIGHT ON, soon reaching a bigger pool and waterfall approx 200m ahead.

2.20km - BEAR RIGHT at the split in the trail to cross then stream then follow the sign for Taganana as you now join a steep ascent. If you would like to visit Playa de Tamadite then continue straight on and retrace your steps to this point afterwards.

3.50km - BEAR RIGHT at the split in the trail to continue uphill.

4.50km - The trail now undulates along the coastline as you traverse the slopes of Cabezo El Tablero.

5.00km - STRAIGHT ON to join the concrete lane as it weaves uphill through the vineyards and terraces of El Chorro.

5.90km - BEAR RIGHT to leave the lane and take a narrow, ascending dirt track. Yellow/white markers point the way.

6.30km - BEAR RIGHT to join the tarmac road, then after 50m follow the winding stone path of Calle Lomo La Chanca downhill towards Taganana.

6.50km - Cross the road and continue STRAIGHT ON following the path downhill between white houses.

6.70km - TURN RIGHT on reaching the tarmac road, just beyond a narrow alleyway between two houses.

6.80km - At the split in the road TURN RIGHT to join the steep path of Camino de Las Vueltas (partially covered sign points the way) as you now begin the long climb back to Afur. Before starting the climb take some time to visit Taganana and it’s Church. There is a local bar serving lunch and refreshments to fuel you up before the final push.

7.10km - BEAR LEFT to continue following the tarmac road.

7.30km - Continue STRAIGHT ON to leave the road and join an ascending cobbled path. This used to be an old trade route between Taganana and Afur.

7.60km - TURN RIGHT at the junction to follow the sign for Afur then RIGHT AGAIN at the next split.

7.70km - TURN LEFT to join the stone vehicle track, after 50m BEAR LEFT at the split.

7.80km - TURN RIGHT at the sign for ‘La Cumbrecilla - Afur’ to join a narrow, rocky trail. Still heading steeply uphill.

8.60km - At the top of the climb BEAR RIGHT to follow the sign for Afur as you cross the Cumbre Col. Well done, it’s all downhill from here.

9.50km - BEAR RIGHT through the hamlet of Era del Cambre to continue downhill via a concrete lane.

9.80km- TURN SHARP RIGHT at the junction to head through La Meseta. Soon turning right between two stone houses.

10.10km - At the bottom of a steep descent TURN RIGHT to join the main road to Afur.

10.90km - BEAR LEFT to leave the road at a wooden pylon then follow the steps downhill. Yellow/white marker points the way.

11.20km - TURN LEFT then finish your walk here opposite the church in the centre of Afur.

Getting there

-Follow the TF-13 and TF-12 to the village of Afur


Park in the centre of Afur at the car park.

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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A pair of sturdy walking boots are advisable for this walk as the terrain is quite rough and steep underfoot. Along with the rest of your usual gear for a day outdoors remember to pack sunscreen, insect repellant and plenty of water. A water/windproof is always a good idea to keep handy, and be sure to double check weather forecasts before heading out.

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