Queimadas to Caldeirao Verde & Caldeirao Inferno

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12.6 km
2327 m
2327 m

A pleasant walk from Queimadas to Caldeirao Verde & Caldeirao Inferno through a jungle-like vegetation that belongs to UNESCO World Heritage. 

This walk starts in Parque das Queimadas, where you will be dropped off by the driver. The route winds through the UNESCO World Heritage Reserve into the ''green cauldron'' (Caldeirao Verde): one of the most spectacular Levada routes on the island. During the course of evolution, the water created not only impressive gorges here, but was also responsible for the jungle-like vegetation. At the end of the walk an imposing waterfall plunges into a small pool.
The walk onto the ''devil's cauldron'' (Caldeirao Inferno) has been described as 'a superlative trip full of adventure'. This is a fascinating walk, containing waterfalls, tunnels, canyons and a huge green valley. 

Author’s recommendation

I would highly recommend to extend your walk from Caldeirao Verde to Caldeirao Inferno. It may add some extra kilometers and time to your walk, but it's worth it! You'll get many beautiful views on the way.  

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1056 m
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414 m
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Safety information

The levada trails can get quite narrow and sometimes you have to walk along small and narrow walls. In winter the path can be wet and slippery, so take extra care. The walk from Caldeirao Verde to Caldeirao Inferno sometimes leads through tight tunnels, make sure to take your headtorch with you. 

Tips, hints and links

Packed Lunch is essential if you are walking the whole route (to Caldeirao Inferno), you won’t pass any restaurants or cafes on either routes. Packed lunch is available at your accommodation in Santana (at a small additional cost). Make sure to order the packed lunch upon your arrival or at least the night before. Always make sure to carry plenty of water and to keep hydrated during your walk.  


Parque das Queimadas (876 m)
32.783736, -16.905825
32°47'01.4"N 16°54'21.0"W
28S 321518 3628920


Parque das Queimadas

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00km - The days walk starts after a short transfer to Parque das Queimadas, the driver drops you off right at the starting point of today's walk. Walk STRAIGHT ON in direction of the straw-thatched triangular houses and walk over the pond. BEAR RIGHT and you will see the sign for 'Caldeirao Verde' which you follow.

1.10km - Walk down the stairs in front of you and follow the stairs up again afterwards. Continue on.

3.10km - You have reached a beautiful waterfall on your right side. Continue on. 

4.10km - You will have reached a tunnel, make sure to use your headtorch. Keep following the signs to 'Caldeirao Verde'. You are approaching a few more tunnels, so keep the headtorch on. 

6..35km - You have nearly reached Caldeirao Verde, walk onto the path on your left side. Continue on and BEAR RIGHT until you have reached the turqoise water and incredible waterfall. The Caldeirao Verde lake is formed by water that falls from the bed of the Caldeirão Verde stream bed from a height of approximately 100m. You are surrounded by steep cliffs and mountains. Make your way back to the path, the same way you came. 

This marks the end of the walk from Parque das Queimadas to Caldeirao Verde. You can walk back to the car park the same way you came.


If you would like to continue onto Caldeirao Inferno you can follow the signs on your right.

7.00km -  BEAR RIGHT and continue onto Caldeirao Inferno.

8.20km - Walk down the stairs in front of you and BEAR RIGHT as you pass a small and low waymark, near your feet. Keep following the natural path and walk up the stairs. A tough climb follows, but you could stop halfway as there's a beautiful viewpoint (also a great spot for a picnic). You will eventually reach two tunnels, one on your left side and one straight ahead (in front of you). Walk STRAIGHT ON and as soon as you enter the tunnel TURN RIGHT and follow the signs to Caldeirao Inferno. 

Take your time to admire the beautiful Caldeirao Inferno and once you're ready: make your way back the same way you came. 


32.783736, -16.905825
32°47'01.4"N 16°54'21.0"W
28S 321518 3628920
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All normal walking equipment are required: walking shoes/boots, water and windproof jacket, plenty of water and snacks for during the day. Be careful when you are planning on taking your walking poles with you as the paths can sometimes be quite narrow and there might not be enough space for them. It is required to take your headtorch with you today as you’ll pass through numerous tunnels on your way to Caldeirao Inferno.

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