Canical tunnel to Porto da Cruz

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12.5 km
351 m
578 m

A spectacular coastal walk between Machico and Porto da Cruz alongside the wild Atlantic Ocean.

Today's walk starts after a short transfer to 'Levada do Canical'. You follow the Levada until you reach the coastal path Boca do Risco. 'Enjoy beautiful views over the Atlantic Ocean and deep ravines that are located approximately 300 m below you. This route was for centuries the shortest link route between the two places. So-called ‘’borracheiros’’ brought the young wine in goatskins over the Boca do Risco on foot. 

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Remember to bring your swimwear today, there's an infinity pool in Porto da Cruz for you to enjoy!

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Safety information

You will follow the Levada until you reach Boca do Risco. From Boca do Risco it is required to be sure footed and you need to have a head for heights. This route should not be attempted in stormy weather or heavy rain as the paths are narrow and can be slippy. You will cross a few roads during your walk and even though most of them are quiet, please take care when crossing. 

Tips, hints and links

A packed lunch is not required as you will arrive into Porto da Cruz around lunchtime depending on the speed of walking. There’s a few restaurants in Porto da Cruz with great views on the beach and surrouding mountains. If you do want to bring packed lunch, you can get this from your accommodation in Machico (at a small additional cost). Make sure to order the packed lunch upon your arrival or at least the night before. 
There’s only one church in Porto da Cruz, which can be seen from anywhere in this small village. This is where you will be collected by the driver when you are ready to return to Machico. Always make sure to carry plenty of water and to keep hydrated during your walk. 


Levada do Canical (219 m)
32.733050, -16.764984
32°43'59.0"N 16°45'53.9"W
28S 334616 3623071


Porto da Cruz

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00km - The days walk starts after a short transfer from Machico to 'Levada do Canical'. The driver drops you off right at the start of the levada. Walk STRAIGHT ON keeping the levada trail on your right hand side.

1.80km - The levada trail has been interrupted by a road. CROSS the road diagonally and you will see a sign that says 'Boca do Risco' which you follow by walking down a paved path with green railing on both sides. You will notice that the levada has continued on your right.

3.20km - The levada trail ends here and as you walk on you will see a path on your right hand side that goes up steeply. As you start walking up this path you can see a sign that says 'Vereda da Boca do Risco'. Continue STRAIGHT ON, this is a short but steep ascent.

4.40km - You are now facing the ocean and you will see a sign that says 'Larano' on your left. BEAR LEFT and keep following the path.

5.50km - Continue STRAIGHT ON following the path, keeping the mountains to your left and the ocean to your right.

7.30km - Keep following the path STRAIGHT ON, you will notice that the path gradually climbs up here. While the views in front of you are very beautiful, don't forget to look behind you as those views are incredible too. Take extra care further on, depending on the weather this narrow path can be slippy. Hold onto the railing on your left as you walk down the steps towards a small waterfall. Step over the water stream carefully and walk STRAIGHT ON.

8.80km - When the path forks BEAR RIGHT and continue on. The path turns into a tarmac road and on your right side you will find a sign that says 'Porto da Cruz Trail Running'. As you walk STRAIGHT ON you will now reach a cable car station on your right.

9.80km - The path descents steeply BEAR LEFT and continue on.

10.40km - BEAR LEFT as you are facing Porto da Cruz, the ocean and Eagle's Rock. You will have reached a sign that says 'Caminho do Bogueira'. At the road junction you CROSS the road diagonally and walk down a very steep path that is marked with a 'Dead End' sign. Make your way down and continue onto a narrow path in between two houses. You will notice that there now is a levada on your right. Descend down the stoney steps and continue to make your way down.

12.50km - BEAR RIGHT and walk down the stairs towards Porto da Cruz. Walk STRAIGHT ON until you have reached the cobbled streets of this small village. Continue on until you have reached the infinity pool: today's walk ends here, enjoy your swim!


32.733050, -16.764984
32°43'59.0"N 16°45'53.9"W
28S 334616 3623071
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All normal walking equipment are required: walking shoes/boots, water and windproof jacket, plenty of water and snacks for during the day. Be careful when you are planning on taking your walking poles with you as the paths can sometimes be quite narrow and there might not be enough space for them.

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