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18.1 km
216 m
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A leisurely walk from Camacha to the colourful Santo da Serra following ‘Levada dos Tornos’ through the countryside.

Today’s walk starts after a short transfer to Camacha. You will be following ‘Levada dos Tornos’, also known as the ‘Passion Flower’ path. This route leads along a levada that is over 100km in length, passing through agricultural land with terraced fields and woodland areas.

Author’s recommendation

Make sure to keep your camera close as you'll pass colourful and rare flowers along the way. Bring packed lunch and enjoy a picnic at one of the many beautiful viewpoints!

Highest point
751 m
Lowest point
569 m
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Safety information

The exposed sections and the crossing of a footbridge require a lack of vertigo. In winter this route along the levada can be slippery in places where there are small waterfalls and wet leaves. You will cross a few roads during your walk and even though most of them are quiet, please take care when crossing.

Tips, hints and links

Packed lunch is essential on today’s walk as you won’t pass any restaurants or cafes along the way, packed lunch is available at your accommodation in Machico (at a small additional cost). Make sure to order the packed lunch upon your arrival or at least the night before.
Always make sure to carry plenty of water and to keep hydrated during your walk.  


Camacha, Levada dos Tornos (706 m)
32.679085, -16.845043
28S 327009 3617215


Santo da Serra

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00km – The days walk starts after a short transfer to Camacha, the driver will drop you off right at the starting point of the walk. Make sure you are facing the ocean; you should be able to see a sign that says ‘Levada dos Tornos’ on the wall on your left. Walk STRAIGHT ON in direction of the ocean, this is quite a steep descent. You will also pass a ‘STOP’ sign on your left.

0.50km – TURN RIGHT and keep following the road until you reach a white building on your left side. TURN RIGHT following the signs ‘Levada dos Tornos’. This is quite a steep descent. TURN RIGHT onto a narrow path (possibly looking quite overgrown with grass and flowers). You will pass by a sign that says ‘Gaula’. Follow this path until you have reached the first tunnel of today’s walk, make sure to grab your headtorch!

1.00km – Continue following the levada, keeping the levada on your left side.

1.80km – You have reached a beautiful waterfall and the second tunnel of today’s walk. Please be extra careful in this tunnel as there’s a very low point somewhere near the middle of it and it’s easy to bump your head here!

2.30km – Walk down the stairs in front of you and walk up the next stairs straight afterwards. TURN RIGHT onto the bridge and keep the levada to your left side. Walk STRAIGHT ON until you reach another tunnel.

3.90km – You will have reached another tunnel, ignore this one and BEAR RIGHT. Continue until the path forks, BEAR LEFT and walk up the stairs.

4.40km – You will have reached a road junction, walk STRAIGHT ON passing a sign that says ‘Caminho Pico Norte Pico Sul’. There’s many farms, houses and agricultural land here. BEAR LEFT and continue to follow the levada.

5.00km – Walk STRAIGHT ON keeping the levada to your left. You will be able to see a big water basin on your right side.

5.40km – Take care as you CROSS the road and TURN LEFT to continue walking along the levada.

6.10km – You will reach a few roads which you CROSS and continue to follow the levada.You will walk towards a white house and walk through the small tunnel that is alongside it.

8.40km - Walk down the stairs in front of you and walk up the next stairs straight afterwards. Continue following the levada trail.

10.60km – CROSS the road, walk down a few stairs and continue following the levada. As the road curves, you walk STRAIGHT ON.

11.80km – CROSS the road and walk STRAIGHT ON.

13.10km – CROSS the road and continue following the levada.  

14.20km – BEAR LEFT and continue to follow the road, this is a steep ascent.

15.00km – TURN RIGHT onto a road that goes down steeply. As you walk along you will see a sign on your right that indicates ‘Levada dos Tornos’.

15.30km – BEAR RIGHT and continue to follow the road down, this is quite a steep descent.

16.80km – Walk STRAIGHT ON following the sign to ‘Santo da Serra’. TURN LEFT at the ‘STOP’ sign and continue to follow the road. BEAR RIGHT as the road curves.

17.30km – TURN LEFT and walk onto a parking terrain of a light pink building. Walk alongside the building until you reach the road. TURN LEFT and keep walking STRAIGHT ON until you reach your accommodation in Santo da Serra: Estalagem a Quinta. This is the end of today’s walk.

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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All normal walking equipment are required: walking shoes/boots, water and windproof jacket, plenty of water and snacks for during the day. Be careful when you are planning on taking your walking poles with you as the paths can sometimes be quite narrow and there might not be enough space for them. It is required to take your headtorch with you today as you’ll pass through numerous tunnels.

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