Tegueste from Pedro Alvarez via La Orilla

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6.6 km
330 m
451 m
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This walk via La Orilla and La Degollada offers persisting countryside aroma and panoramic views.
This walk is between Pedro Alvarez and Tegueste via La Orilla and La Degollada. It is served by the 051/057 bus services to Pedro Alvarez and the 050/051/057/105 services through Tegueste. Tegueste has restaurants/bars. The walk offers persisting countryside aroma and panoramic views, an optional there and back walk to Mess de Tejina, and an optional end via a Culture trail.
Highest point
802 m
Lowest point
403 m
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Pedro Alvarez - small church at end Calle Santiago Bermudo Hdez (523 m)
28.521563, -16.317078
28R 371124 3155688


Tegueste - Plaza San Marcos

Turn-by-turn directions

This walk starts from the junction by the small church and proceeds along Calle Santiago Bermudo Hdez following walking route PR-TF 12.2 out of Pedro Alvarez. We continue along the steeply climbing Camino El Nieto. 50 metres pass a white building on the right we turn left onto a steeply climbing Zickzack Pfad (Zigzag Trail) marked wih a Wegweiser (marked pole).

On reaching eucalyptus trees we rest to take in the aroma and the views. After the Pfad flattens out we ignore a trail to Tegueste off to the left marked with a cross and continue ahead. The Pfad returns to climbing again with panoramic views including Tegueste.

We enter the cool dark forest. Ignoring a track down on the left and a track going back up on the right, we continue ahead going up. The track eventually flattens out and goes down before coming to a major junction. We join the new track and continue going down. We come to a wide open area with several trails and leave the main track at a hairpin bend to continue on a Pfad in the same direction marked with a Wegweiser. The track goes up a Zickzack of earth and log steps before ending at a junction with a loose ashfalt track.

We now leave PR-TF 12.2 (which goes right) and turn left onto the loose ashfalt track which takes us to La Orilla. We arrive at a junction of paths and an information board about the environmental recovery of La Orilla.

We ignore the direct trail to Tegueste on the left and follow the track on the right. This track is briefly marked until the next junction where the marking continues onto the other track. We remain on the same track which bears left unmarked going past another information board. The aroma of La Orilla now becomes noticeable.

The track enters a series of curves and goes down before meeting a junction where we bear right and then ahead ignoring tracks either side. Mesa de Tejina now comes into view and the trail which leads up to it from the Degollada. The track continues down to a hairpin bend with another noticeboard. We leave the track and turn right onto a Pfad which continues down.

The Pfad narrows on a large bend with Bajamar in view. Further, comes the Degollada and a panoramic view of NE Tenerife in the background. The Pfad continues down to a junction on the Degollada where we turn left and down onto a Pfad toTegueste. (Straight ahead is the optional trail up to Mesa de Tejina).

The Pfad ends and we continue down Calle El Sardán. At a junction we continue left onto Calle El Naciente. We turn right down the steps of Calle Puente Palo and cross the bridge. We now turn left at the T-junction to go along Callejón Ginoria. We go over the junction and turn right along Calle El Pino by the triangle. We continue until our arrival at Plaza San Marcos and the end of the walk.

To complete the walk via the culture trail Camino de Los Laureles, turn left along Calle Camino de Los Laureles at the triangle. There is a bus stop at the end.

Public transport

Public transport friendly

Further Bus Info at www.titsa.com

Getting there

Pedro Alvarez and Tegueste are reached from the main road between La Laguna and Punta del Hidalgo


There is parking in Pedro Alvarez und Tegueste
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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