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A short ride following the coastline from Helsingør to the small town of Gilleleje, passing through Hellebæk forest. 

Why not enjoy a relaxed morning of sightseeing in Helsingør or savour a delicious pastry from one of the many cafes before beginning today's short ride north? Begin your ride by pedalling through the suburban areas of Helsingør near the coast on cycle paths before cycling into Hellebæk forest passed a serene lake. Return to the rugged coastline after passing through the villages of Boderne & Ellekilde. Admire the views across Øresund to Sweden before arriving at Hornbaeke harbour, and from here, follow the coastal cycle path to Gilleleje to arrive in it's bustling  harbour.  We recommend stopping here to enjoy an ice cream or freshly caught seafood from one of the many cafes and restaurants before making your way to your hotel for some well-earned relaxation at the spa.

Author’s recommendation

Today's short ride allows plenty of time for exploring Helsingør - take time to visit Kronborg Castle or the Danish Maritime museum before you head off on today's ride.

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Safety information

Take care as you cross railway tracks several times today - these can be particularly slippery after rain so always dismount and check the tracks are clear before continuing at any of the crossings, especially when there are no barriers in place.

Before starting your ride please inspect your bike for damage to the frame, components or wheels. Ensure that there are no loose cables, that tyres are properly inflated and the brakes are working. Visitors from the UK should bear in mind the brakes may work the opposite way from which you are used to. If you are hiring a bike it is worthwhile taking a quick test ride when you collect your bike to familiarise yourself with the gears, brakes and to check your bike is setup correctly for you. Always wear a helmet when cycling and if you have any concerns over the condition of your rental bike please call the bike hire shop or our Macs office using the the number provided in your information pack.

Please beware of traffic wile out on your bike particularly when entering and leaving towns where traffic flow tends to be the highest. Remember to stay on the right-hand side and use cycle lanes where available. Be mindful of other road users, particularly cyclists on the busy cycle lanes in Copenhagen staying on the right-hand side to allow faster cyclists to pass.

Obey local road signs and look out for any change in road conditions.



Tips, hints and links

Points of Interest

Helsingør - Kronborg Castle
This impressive 18th Century Castle and palace, set on the edge of the harbour in Helsingor is famously known as the model for Elsinore in Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Helsingør - Maritime Museum of Denmark
Situated next to Kronborg, the museum is built into an old dry dock. Established in 1915 the museum houses collections covering Danish shipping and trade from the 15th century to the present day.

At around 20.5 km into today's ride on the outskirts of Munkerup, you'll find this contemporary art exhibition space and former home of renowned artist Gunnar Aagaard Andersen. If it's open why not pop in for a look?

Nakkehoved Fyr  
At around 22.5 km into today's ride arrive at this lighthouse and museum set atop a cliff with a lovely picnic area outside.


Food & Drink

There are numerous cafes, bakeries and deli's around the main pedestrianised streets of Helsingør . You will pass through a few small villages along the route with places to stop for a coffee or lunch. The most signifacnt of these is Hornbaek which you will reach after 13 km of riding, here there's a main street with plenty of shops, a harbour area and popular beach.

If you'd prefer to stop for a picnic along the route there are a few good spots along the coast before reaching Hornbaek. There are plenty of shops in Helsingør where you can pick up provisions.



Public square with benches and bike parking directly opposite Helsingør train station front entrance (2 m)
56.034012, 12.614931
33V 351395 6212430


Gilleleje harbour

Turn-by-turn directions

0.00 KM - Begin opposite the main entrance to the train station where you'll see bike parking and benches. At the traffic lights TURN RIGHT onto the cycle path running parallel to the railway line. Take care crossing the railway lines especially if it's wet.

0.70 KM - Continue STRAIGHT ON the cycle path when you reach the traffic lights at the crossroads.

1.25 KM - Continue STRAIGHT ON the road at the end of the cycle path. Then after 250m take care while crossing the railway tracks and continue STRAIGHT ON the cycle path.

3.70 KM - Once you reach the Helsingør sign TURN LEFT across the road and continue up the gravel track climbing into the forest. After 100m  dismount and cross the railway track to continue STRAIGHT ON the main gravel track.

4.18 KM - At the edge of the golf course TURN RIGHT and continue STRAIGHT ON the gravel track.

5.14 KM - With the lake on your left pass through the wooden gate (signed "Cycle route 47"). BEAR LEFT and continue STRAIGHT ON the gravel path past the houses on your right. After 200m the track becomes a tarmac road.

5.67 KM - At the junction coninue STRAIGHT ON the road signed "Cycle route 47".

6.42 KM - Cross the railway track then TURN LEFT onto the gravel path signed "Cycle route 47, Hornbaek 7.5km".

6.78 KM - BEAR LEFT where the path splits following the cycle route signs.

7.13 KM - TURN LEFT onto the road when you reach the school on the outskirts of Boderne.

7.34 KM - TURN RIGHT at the junction heading towards the sea , then after 100m cross the road and TURN LEFT continuing along the road or pavement for 3 km.

10.26 KM - Continue STRAIGHT ON the paved segregated cycle path at the end of the pavement for 3 km.

13.20 KM - As you enter Hornbaek the segregated cycle path ends. Use the pavement to continue STRAIGHT ON.

13.67 KM - TURN RIGHT off the main road signed as the road to "Havnen" and the cycle route to Gilleleje.

13.92 KM - BEAR LEFT at the harbour follwing the signed cycle route to GIlleleje, then after 200m BEAR RIGHT as the road turns left and continue STRAIGHT ON the gravel cycle path passing the beach and sand dunes. Beware of sand that's been blown ont the cycle path. Continue on the path for 3.5 km.

17.64 KM - At the end of the beach-side path TURN RIGHT and continue STRAIGHT ON the paved path along the side of the road (signed "Cycle route 47"). Follow this road for 2.5 km through the village of Munkerup.

21.00 KM - TURN RIGHT on to a minor road named "Jorgenshvilevej" and signposted as cycle route 47 to Gilleleje - 4 km. Then TURN LEFT immediately and continue STRAIGHT ON the road following the route 47 signs.

21.32 KM - Continue STRAIGHT ON through the crossroads and take the narrow gravel path at the end of the road. Pass through a gate and BEAR RIGHT continuing on the main path ignoring the path to the left.

22.19 KM - Continue STRAIGHT ON the road when you reach the carpark signed "cycle route 47".

22.47 KM - BEAR LEFT on the cycle path (signed "route 47") after the lighthouse and museum, then BEAR LEFT where the path splits.

22.65 KM - Continue STRAIGHT ON the gravel road as it widens on reaching the houses. In 100m continue STRAIGHT ON at the road junction as it becomes a tarmac road. Continue along this road for 1.75 km ignoring any roads to the right or left.

24.35 KM - Once you reach the end of the road pass through the gap in the fence and TURN RIGHT onto the road.

24.55 KM - TURN RIGHT onto the smaller road (Kirkestraede) as you pass the church on your right. At the end of the road TURN LEFT.

24.77 KM - BEAR RIGHT then TURN RIGHT at the junction onto the narrow street with the yellow thatched cottage on the right-hand side. At the end of the street cross the road, and pass through the white stone bollards to make your way towards the harbour (pass the childen's play area on the right).

25.10 KM - Finish the ride on entering the main harbour lined with cafes and restaurants. 

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike


Always be prepared to cycle through a change of weather conditions and check the local weather forecast before cycling. Remember to bring a waterproof jacket and a warm layer particularly as the wind around coastal Denmark can significantly effect the temperature. Gloves (fingerless mitts in summer) are popular to provide some extra warmth and handlebar padding when riding and don't forget a battery pack to provide an emergency charge to any navigation equipment you may be using.

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