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29.6 km
5:09 h
828 m
828 m
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Nice biking by the land which was in the 12th century populated by German speaking farmers from around Innichen. Sunny, panoramic, beautiful landscape.

After a quite steep road ascent a lot of pure joy is awaiting you. Riding horizontally with slight ups and downs through historical hamlets, great views and nice nature, especially in autumn and spring.

From above Zgornja Sorica village, you have two descent variants:

  1. Directly down, sightseeing the beautiful village and its heritage of painters.
  2. Continuing horizontally further to Petrovo Brdo road pass and then gently down by the valley of Sora.

Author’s recommendation

The inn in Zali Log is famous by excellent trouts!
Highest point
Torka hamlet, 1168 m
Lowest point
Zali Log village, 518 m
Best time of year

Safety information

Orientation is simple, traffic in the upper part is hardly any. Some parts of the traverse are macadam, but the descent is all asphalted.

You can buy refreshment only on Petrovo Brdo, in Sorica village (if descending directly) and of course at the end, in Zali Log.


A mountain bike is not needed, but you must have gears to be able to master a quite steep road up to Torka hamlet.

Tips, hints and links

From Torka village you can also do a nice hike up on the summit of Ratitovec. Very panoramic (view on Julian Alps with Triglav), mountain hut there on 1642 m. From 1160 m to the summit we need 1 h 15 min for the ascent and some good 45 min for the descent. Be careful not to twist ankle if you have only biking shoes!

The history of German speaking people in those villages and hamlets is interesting. They were given the land (by the bishoph in Innichen) in the 12th century and maintained their language and culture till the middle of 19th century, when their primary school was closed down. Many todays toponymes have German origin (Kocenpoh = Katzenbach, Altemaver = Altes Mauer, etc.).


Zali Log village (or 2.1 km up the valley) (530 m)
46.206682, 14.100512
33T 430610 5117404


Zali Log village (or 2.1 km up the valley)

Turn-by-turn directions

The proposal is to start in Zali Log village, because at the end of the tour you almost must visit the inn there - they have the best trouts. If so...

... from Zali Log you bike 2.1 km by the main road westwards, hardly gaining any altitude. There the asphalted side road deters right, steeply uphills (inscription: Ravne, Torka).

The next 5.3 km are only steep uphills. The road is mainly asphalted, in the middle part there's still a stretch of macadam (2019). At first the slopes are S oriented, but shady due to forrest, then the road goes by the NW slopes of Lajtnik hill. From below Ravne hamlet till the highest point above the hamlet of Torka, the road is sunny and panoramic. From the crossroads till here there's always almost no traffic.

In Ravne the horizontal part starts and the road turns into macadam. After 1.2 km we reach Zabrdo hamlet and after another 1.6 km the biggest houses in Zgornje Danje hamlet.

After Zgornje Danje another small ascent awaits us, when we are around the mountain ridge, the road again goes through the woods and is not any more panoramic. After 2.7 km from Danje we reach the main road above Sorica village.

By the main road we do one more turn (650 m) and reach another crossroads, where we need to decide. The road left goes directly down into Sorica village, the road straight crosses further to the Petrovo Brdo road pass.

a. Petrovo brdo variant: We simply continue crossing the grassy slopes above Sorica village. The road goes a bit up and down, after 4.2 km we reach the Petrovo Brdo road pass.

On Petrovo Brdo road pass we turn sharply left, starting the descent in the direction to Škofja Loka (plates). After the first few turns the road becomes more straight, all the time following Sora river bed. After 8.1 km of quick descent we reach the crossroads, where from the left the direct road from Sorica village joins.

b. Sorica village direct descent: You descend quickly by the main road to Sorica village (visit there perhaps the house of Grohar painter and his monument), and then continue more and more steeply down into the valley of Sora. After 5.4 km you reach the valley and the road, joining from Petrovo Brdo from the right. So, variant b is some 7 km shorter than variant a.

Then you continue down by the Sora valley. After 1.5 km you close the loop, after another 2.1 km you reach the village of Zali Log.

Of course, you can skip this 2.1 km in the beginning and the end of the tour and start biking from the crossroads of Ravne/Torka road.

Public transport

Zali Log has rare bus connections, but to get bikes there, it's best to use your own car.

Getting there

Škofja Loka - Železniki - Zali Log is 21.7 km.


A lot of free parking places.
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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