• House in the archipelago
    House in the archipelago Photo: Visit Finland
  • Helsinki cathedral, Finland
    Helsinki cathedral, Finland Photo: Juho Kuva, Visit Finland
  • Nuuksio National Park
    Nuuksio National Park Photo: Hendrik Morkel, Visit Finland
  • Street in Porvoo
    Street in Porvoo Photo: Julia Kivelä, Visit Finland
  • Suomenlinna, Helsinki, at sunset
    Suomenlinna, Helsinki, at sunset Photo: Ari-Pekka Darth, Visit Finland
  • Archipelago – Bengtskär lighthouse, Finland
    Archipelago – Bengtskär lighthouse, Finland Photo: Antti Viitala, Visit Finland
  • Nuuksio National Park
    Nuuksio National Park Photo: Aku Pöllänen, Visit Finland
  • Summer in Finland
    Summer in Finland Photo: Visit Finland
  • Helsinki, Night of Arts
    Helsinki, Night of Arts Photo: Julia Kivelä, Visit Finland
  • Suomenlinna, Helsinki Photo: Jussi Hellstén, Visit Finland
  • Fiskars Photo: Eva Tordera-Nuno, Visit Finland


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Uusimaa is located in Finland’s very south and surrounds the capital of Helsinki. Influenced by the capital and yet characterized by pristine nature rich in species, Uusimaa attracts both city tourists as well as outdoor enthusiasts and knows how to excite them all. Next to urban walks, eventful hikes, cycling or boating tours, the region offers destinations worth seeing as well as numerous islands with lighthouses and fortresses, historical places and old ironwork villages.
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Wooden cities Porvoo and Loviisa

Porvoos Old Town with its red ochre painted houses is one of the most photographed views of Finland. In the 13th century Porvoo was an important commercial centre. After the emigration of numerous inhabitants to Helsinki in the 16th century and the rule of the Russians in the 19th century, the city became the residence of numerous artists. The colourful wooden houses were built after a major fire in 1760. Especially the salt reservoirs on the banks of the Porvoonjoki River are a popular photo motif. The landmark of Finland's second oldest city is the 14th century cathedral.

Loviisa was originally a collection point for imported goods (e.g. salt, tobacco, spices) stored in 50 salt warehouses. These still create a historical atmosphere today. In addition to these buildings and the historic old town, the island fortress of Svartholm is particularly worth seeing. In the 1760s the fortress was built to protect the newly founded harbour town. Large parts of Svartholm were destroyed during the Crimean War.

The ironworks villages in Uusimaa

Next to the historic wooden town centers, the old ironwork villages in Uusimaa are worth a visit. Many craftsmen and artists that are inspired by the scenery live in Fiskars. The ironwork was founded in the 17th century and a highlight is the antique summer trade fair in July. Strömfors is another old ironwork village. The old craftwork tradition is still being kept alive and today the old ironworks provide relaxing vacations in a beautiful and historic surrounding. Here, traditions and modernity exist directly next to each other.

Sipoo: City in the middle of nature

The old town of Sipoo, which was once completely Swedish-speaking, still has a mixture of Finnish and Swedish-speaking inhabitants. The area was inhabited as early as the Stone and Bronze Ages, as archaeological finds show. Sipoo is particularly popular because of its proximity to the Sipoonkorpi National Park. Along marked paths you can walk through the spectacular nature or use the local cycle path network. Water lovers can paddle on the river of the same name and visit the ruins of the old Sibbesborg at the mouth of the river. Legend has it that the fortress was built by Vikings, but it is more likely that it was built by Danish sailors.

Regional outdoor activities

Around the Finnish capital, Uusimaa offers a diverse landscape: high cliffs, thick and dark woods, many beaches and islands. Cyclists are delighted about the lengthy and smooth routes that take you from village to village, alongside rivers and lakes and even passing the coast. The national parks of Nuuksio, Sipoonkorpi and Ekenäs are ideal for hikers. Water enthusiasts fully appreciate the skerry landscape of Finland’s coast. Whether you reach the nearest island by kayak or canoe, take a ferry from town to town or visit remote places by boat – there are many opportunities.

National park

Nuuksio National Park

Bright green woods, vast lakes and the fresh Finnish air – that is exactly the image that people have when they think ...
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The forests of Sipoonkorpi grow in the immediate vicinity of the Finnish capital Helsinki in the south of the country. ...
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Island adventures

Obviously, there are many islands in the Uusimaa region as it is located in the Gulf of Finland. The islands are very popular as a tour or recreational destination. The bigger islands provide a few offers of service whereas the smaller ones offer wonderful outdoor experiences.

On Vallisaari Island, near the fortress of Suomenlinna, you can enjoy the island atmosphere in a tree at night. The island wonderfully displays the entire spectrum of life in the skerries with the Pentalanjärvi Lake, the rough shores and a rich biodiversity of plants and animals. The island of Iso Vasikkasaari is a popular outdoor destination with presumably the most exotic building in Espoo: a replica of Poseidon’s temple.

Destinations in Uusimaa

Fortresses are an exciting tour destination – not just for kids. The Svartholma fortress is located at the mouth of the bay of Loviisa and the isolation is still palpable today. The sister fortress of the well-known Suomenlinna fortress near Helsinki was once occupied by Swedes and Russians for a long time. Today, it houses an exhibition about the history of the island.

A visit to the Bengtskär lighthouse is very special. It is located in the middle of the sea, roughly 25 km from Hanko. Once you have climbed up the 252 steps of the 52 m high tower on the small and treeless island, you can enjoy the breathtaking view. From up here, civilization seems to be far away.

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Review on Lahokallio nature trail, Lohja by Marjo
January 16, 2019 · Community
Lahokallio nature trail's route is in the wrong place. This area is Vivamo. Lahokallio is the next cape to the right.