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Häverö is an old cultural area. 

When the old church was no longer fit for use in the 14th century, the current one was built. Not many churches in Roslagen can boast as many frescoes as this one. 

Walls and vaults are covered with paintings of people and events. Here is also one of the oldest depictions of a nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle), an instrument originating from the province of Uppland. Also notable is the large altarpiece dramatically depicting the life of Christ, a masterpiece made in Antwerpen in the 16th century. In the church there is also a picture of Saint Birgitta. There is a gate in one of the retaining walls, maybe to make it possible for a medieval procession to circle the church. The bell tower is one of the oldest in Uppland and clearly displays medieval features.

Pilgrim Trail
02 25, 2018
moderate open
11.5 km
2:56 h
16 m
33 m
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Häverö church

76343 Häverö
Phone 0175-25060
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