Burial grounds at Sund

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The prehistoric village of Sund had several burial grounds. At least four burial grounds and several single graves are still known today, scattered over the moraine slopes of the old Sund village area.

This burial ground near Skedboån stream is the smallest one. Seven round stone setting are identified at the burial ground, but the site probably contains more graves which are not visible above ground. The burial ground has been damaged by military parapets from the late 19th or early 20th century and by gravel extraction.

The burial ground is strategically located at the edge of the Viking age farm or village with a view towards the stream. A thousand years ago the stream was more like a bay which made it easier to navigate, at least as far as what is today called Skebobruk, about six kilometres upstream and maybe even longer.

At Sund, the stream that once was a bay became a narrow strait, and this is probably the reason for the name of the village. (The Swedish word sund means strait.) Just north of Sund, facing the sea, there used to be a bag-shaped bay in the Viking era. The bay widenes the further out you get towards the sea.



Pilgrim Trail Häverö kyrka
02 22, 2018
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For directions: UL or SL

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Getting there

The burial ground is nearby the bridge in Häverödal as you stroll along the Vikingtrail.

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Burial grounds at Sund

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