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The Schildmeer is a naturally formed lake and what remains of the Woldjermeer. This in turn was part of the lake and pond area that has been largely filled in over the years. The Duurswold drainage canal runs through the lake. The Schildmeer is connected to the Eemskanaal by means of a sluice, making the Dollard, the Wad and the Marengebied areas accessible by water from here.In the original lake area was a road that was so swampy in certain parts that a stone dam was constructed. In that place Steendam ('stone dam') arose, which developed into a water sports centre with harbour, restaurants and accommodation, from the early part of the last century.In the 19th century people already navigated the Woldjermeer. Clay soil bargemen, who transported fertile soil that was dug from the artificial mounds in the Hogeland area, would wait for better sailing conditions when the weather was bad. As soon as the weather improved, they fought for the honour of being the first to reach the other side.The 'Oeverlanden Schildmeer' is a protected natural monument and consists of 115 hectares of reed lands, swampy grass lands, banks and dykes.Near Steendam is Golfclub Duurswold that includes a9-hole golf course.
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