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The almost circular Maarsee of the Pulvermaar is surrounded by a wall of volcanic rock and testifies to the explosive past of the volcanic Eifel.
The Pulvermaar is one of the best preserved maar lakes in the Western Eifel. With a water depth of about 72 m, the Maarsee is the deepest Eifelsee and one of the deepest lakes in Germany. It has a diameter of 1 km and holds about 13 million cubic meters of water. The Pulvermaar was formed by massive volcanic eruptions around Gillenfeld and is still surrounded by a mighty tuff wall. The ejected volcanic loose material of the mary is well suited as a building material. Over the years, loose tuffs were mined in two pits on the southern edge of the Pulvermaar.
Scenic Route · Ahrtal

Deutsche Vulkanstraße

Scenic Route Das idyllische Immerather Maar
316.9 km
10:00 h
5252 m
5105 m
Motor Bike · Eifel

Die Vulkaneifel

Motor Bike Deckblatt
199.6 km
7:03 h
2825 m
2871 m
by Alina Roeder ADAC Mittelrhein e.V.,  Eifel Tourismus GmbH
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