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The best Places to visit in Denmark

With 5 leisures, 27 services, 28 cultural offerings and 132 others, the region of Denmark has a lot to offer. Here is a short list of highlights amongst these 192 places to visit:
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Discover the best places to visit in Denmark

Østerlars Kirke - Østerlars Rundkirke Bornholm

Østerlars kirke - Østerlars church

Østerlars Rundkirke is Bornholm's and Denmark's largest Østerlars Rundkirke is also the most famous of the four Bornholm round churches and is among Bornholm's largest sights.

Rosenborg Castle and Park

Visit the beautiful Rosenburg Castle set in a green park in the city. 

Sankt Petri Kirke

A famous church in Copenhagen's Latin Quarter 

Historic bunkers

Numerous bunker remains of the "Atlantic Wall" testify to the past of Römös as a strategic radio and radar location during the Second World War.

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