• Lapland fells
    Lapland fells Photo: Markus Kiili, Visit Finland
  • Kayaking
    Kayaking Photo: Visit Finland
  • Photo: Taipale Brothers, Visit Finland
  • Archipelago Raid Photo: Visit Finland
  • Suomenlinna Photo: Julia Kivelä, Visit Finland
  • Pellinki Photo: Emilia Hoisko, Visit Finland
  • The Archipelago Trail Photo: Juho Kuva, Visit Finland
  • Tuukka-Kaski Photo: Visit Finland
  • Lighthouse Photo: Visit Finland
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Finland – Natural Idyll in the Far North

Finland is the land of nature – characterized by vast green forests and blue lakes. The wilderness can still be experienced here, in the peace and unspoiled nature of the far north. Even the capital is green and only a short walk away from idyllic national parks, and the vast archipelago. Finland is the happiest country in the world, a land of contrasts and land of interaction between man and nature.

Finland is a very special country, which stands out above all others for its breathtaking, almost untouched natural landscape. It is very diverse – but always characterized by forests and water. Divided into four large regions, Finland presents itself from different perspectives, which are full of contrasts and complement each other. Endless expanses in the north, islands, skerries, and rocks off the coast, lakes in the east, a green capital in the south, and forests everywhere – in the restful tranquility of the Nordic nature you can switch off and relax, be active, and explore. You can even find nature in Finnish design because for the Finns, nature and the sustainable use of resources are a way of living. Everyman's Right makes it easy for us to explore Finland's nature and to move freely everywhere. At seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, you can experience Finnish culture particularly well.

The land of contrasts is friendly in spring and summer especially. When the days get brighter and warmer, the Finns are drawn outside. In the south, you can watch nature grow, green, and blossom while skiing is still possible in the north. To welcome the sun properly, there are numerous parties and events, and if you want to relax, it is best to rent a lake house with its own sauna, Finnish style. When summer arrives, Finns are compensated for the long winter and celebrate the season of sunshine at festivals and concerts – the highlight is, of course, the Midsummer Festival, one of Finland's most important national holidays.

Photo: Emilia Hoisko, Visit Finland

Land of Lakes

Finland is also known as the land of a thousand lakes – a slight understatement, as there is a total of 188,000 lakes that form the heart of the country. You can get an especially good sense of the Finnish way of living by renting a holiday home by the lake –  waking up in the morning with a view of the water and falling asleep in the evening with a view of the water. Because Finland has more water than most other countries in the world and it is also particularly clean. There is no question of how to travel around the lake country – by boat, of course.

More than a quarter of Finland's land area consists of water. A large part of this is the Finnish Lake District, where ...
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Land of Islands

Not only is Finland the land of a thousand lakes, but also the land of a thousand islands. They are located in the largest archipelago in the world, just off the country's west and south coasts. The area next to them is characterized by old towns with picturesque wooden houses, ironworks villages, and, of course, lighthouses. The more than 1,000 km long coastline can be discovered particularly well by island hopping, which can be done on foot or by bike. The special nature of the archipelago can be seen at every turn, especially in the national parks.

Finland is the land of endless expanses, of a thousand lakes, and also of a thousand islands. The largest archipelago ...
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Land of Vastness

Lapland is considered the last wilderness of Europe, here you will find endless vastness, endless peace, endless solitude. Like no other region of the country, Lapland is shaped by the seasons: Spring is very short and the summers as well and bright as day; the midnight sun does not set in the north and allows daytime activities even at night. Finnish Lapland is special because it is the home of Santa Claus and you can visit the old man with the white beard in Rovaniemi all year round.
Lapland – land of myths and dreams, land where summer and winter meet, land of natural beauty and endless vastness or ...
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Land of the Green Capital

The Finnish capital is a metropolis of culture, cuisine, and design but it is completely in tune with the Finnish way of life. Helsinki is very green, has several parks, and has direct access to the national parks Nuuksio and Sipoonkorpi. On the outskirts of the city, there is also the largest archipelago in the world. Of course, it wants to be explored – preferably by island hopping. An excursion in Helsinki is rich in variety and provides everything you expect in a big city, yet it distinguishes from other cities because of its many green corners. You can grab your backpack and walk out of Helsinki, straight into the wonderful Finnish nature. The way is not far.

Helsinki, sustainable capital and largest city in Finland, is also a coastal city with over 300 beautiful islands in ...
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Land of National Parks

Finland's diverse nature is also visible in the 40 national parks spread across the country. Depending on the region, very different natural highlights can be discovered here. Lakes and rivers, moors and forests, islands and skerries, fells and mountains characterize the natural landscapes of Lapland, the Lakeland, and the Archipelago. Even close to the capital Helsinki there are two beautiful national parks. The best way to explore nature is on foot and to take a lot of time for it. But there is also a lot to discover by bike or by boat. On the way, you should make sure to always conform to the guidelines.

Finland's National Parks are significant areas that protect Finland's unique landscape and biodiversity. The parks ...
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Land of Happiness

Finland is the happiest country in the world – the World Happiness Report once again confirms what is now common knowledge: The Nordics are a wonderful area. And no wonder the Finns are so happy, they have breathtaking nature under their noses and incredible natural phenomena like the midnight sun and the northern lights. 
Finland has been voted as the happiest country in the world two times in a row by the "World Happiness Report". But what ...
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