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This season we are all bound to our local environment. Long journeys are postponed, but who says that adventures are not on our own doorstep? Choose between local highlights and plan your next outdoor adventure. By exploring your region, you also do good: you support those who are hard hit by these difficult times: the local tourism players.

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Soča valley is a land of living water. Its upper part is protected by the mighty peaks of the Julian Alps, while its lower part is surrounded by green hills. It is filled with numerous clear water springs that flow into the emerald Soča River whose tributaries include numerous waterfalls, pools and gorges. The diverse landscape is perfect for outdoor activities and, at the same time, full of peace corners. This natural environment also includes numerous historical sights and a touch with the past. Famous Bovec and Tolmin cheeses are produced on the sunny terraces of the hills. The tradition is still present in excellent restaurants along the valley.

Maribor - the city of colourful experiences

Maribor is the city of the oldest vine in the world, so beautifully embedded in the lush green forests of the Pohorje Mountains on one side and the picturesque vineyards on the other. Maribor is a charming town with rich historical and cultural roots. Take the Old Vine Route by bike and experience the rich wine tradition of Maribor or the beauty of nature along the Drava River on the Drau Cycle Route. For adrenalin lovers, the wild slopes of the Bike Park Pohorje await. Discover the numerous hiking trails and natural pearls of the Pohorje mountains, enchanting lakes (Črno jezero and Lovrenška jezera) and Šumik primeval forest with Mali and Veliki Šum waterfalls. Let yourself be enchanted by the view of the vineyards, especially from Herzl Street.

Inspiring experience under tree crowns ofPohorje

We invite you to tourist destination Rogla-Pohorje which is embraced by four neighboring towns Oplotnica, Slovenske Konjice, Vitanje in Zreče. Their varied offer allows to find something personal for every traveller. In the heart of the Pohorje forests, a new offer awaits you, the Pohorje treetops, which are not only an attraction, but also a special experience. The wooden path runs in the 20-metre-high tower, which is built around 37 tall trees. As soon as you arrive on Rogla, the tower welcomes you and offers you a selected panoramic view and falls instructive and adrenaline points. Come with us and we will experience Pohorje together, just like the bird lakes.

Hiking trails in Bled

Everyone recognises the landscape in the Bleder Winkel at first sight, but on the other hand, you can still experience a lot of new things here on excursions. Not only the lake, the island and the castle, but also numerous other small, hidden and intimate stories can be found here. The many hiking possibilities in the area make Bled an increasingly popular tourist destination. From the mountains and hills around the lake there are magnificent views, but the beautiful nature is complemented by a rich cultural heritage with art-historical sights and interesting architecture. The hiking trails are well maintained and clearly marked. The signs also indicate the name and duration of each route.

The treasure trove of surprises.

Koroška belongs to the most mountainous Slovenian landscapes. Hikers like to take the Koroška mountain trail, go for walks in the vast surroundings of the Pohorje mountains, or dare more demanding climbs to the Peca (Petzen), Uršlja gora or Raduha. Koroška offers more than 1000 km of cycling tours of various levels of difficulty, a unique underground cycling experience, numerous exceptional single trails for mountain bikers, the first mountain bike park in Slovenia, the international Drau cycle path, the Štrekna cycle path along the Mislinja valley, the Kope bike parks on the Pohorje and Poseka in Ravne na Koroškem, the Ribniško Pohorje e-bike destination,. ...all this and much more makes it possible in the Koroška region to combine tours between the mountains, up the mountains and literally through the mountains without limits. You will not meet masses of visitors here. Therefore the experience of untouched nature is all the more impressive



Are you a fan of outdoor activities? Slovenia Outdoor organises numerous outdoor activities in Slovenia. We can also arrange accommodation for you in special accommodation for hikers and cyclists. Would you like to go hiking in the high mountains? Take a tour with us through the high and low mountains or take a walk with us through the lowlands. Take one of the long distance hiking trails: Alpen Adria Trail, Juliana, Via Alpina, Slovenian Mountain Trail and many others. If you are a fan of cycling, one of the long-distance cycle routes is just right for you: the Drava Cycle Route, Parenzana, Trans Slovenia, Transkarawanke. We leave the decision to you. If you prefer to ride over the waves of wild rivers, take us on a trip through the Slovenian rivers by kayak, canoe or raft.

Triglav National Park - only one step away.

Spring always comes to Bohinj slowly and later than in the rest of Slovenia, which is perhaps why it is more beautiful here in its prime than anywhere else. This is the ideal time for you to come to Bohinj just to walk. With every step you take on the paths of Bohinj you are walking further and further away from heavy and coarse words that only exist here before your first step. Leave the burden of asphalt and concrete behind you! During your next steps, take a break every now and then to understand that this beautiful nature demands that your steps fall silent and your eyes take over. Look around you! Among the white peaks of the Bohinj mountains, the Alpine Flower Festival accompanies you at every step throughout the year.

Brda, the green paradise for all fans of green views, active holidays, excellent wine and gastronomy

On the western part of Slovenia lies one of the most diverse landscapes in Europe with a rich history, dotted with olive groves and fruit plantations. This hilly landscape is a history, full of experiences, where you can feel the passion and courage of the friendly inhabitants at every step. Close your eyes and look from the lookout tower Gonjače to the Julian Alps, to the Friulian plain and to the sea; imagine walking along the Alpe Adria Trail, Juliana Trail or one of the 9 cherry trails through the vineyards and cherry groves; go via Sabotin along the paths of the 1st Century and the 1st Century. Take the Peace Route via Sabotin or visit the World War I Museum; Treat yourself to sweet cherries from Brda and a glass of the autochthonous Rebula wine, which is one of the TOP 100 of the best wines in the world; Imagine wonderful, peaceful nights in one of the numerous small accommodations under the hills; It is not a dream. This is Brda, the land of intoxicating moments. We are waiting for you.

Posavje invites you into nature!

The Posavje region captivates with its authenticity, cosiness and unspoiled nature. Hiking and cycling trails are well developed, have interesting stories and are suitable for all age groups. The landscape offers medium-high hills and hills with highest peaks between 500 and 900 m above sea level. Among others, some of the most popular places for hikers, such as Bohor, Lisca, Grmada, Gorjanci with a beautiful view. The Posavje countryside is suitable for family trips full of experiences and local stories as well as for hikes for smaller and larger groups. We invite you to the Trappist route and the Zasavsko hiking trail!

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