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Bookable outdoor activities

Outdoor adventures with Outdooractive

Outdooractive is your place for nature experiences. Whether by yourself or in a group, whether in the uplands, at the shore or in the mountains: With our trips, specials, vacation packages and guided tours we provide a wide variety of outdoor adventures to any nature enthusiast.

Pack your backpack, tie your boots and start your own personal outdoor adventure! On you can find the best deals on great adventure trips, excursions or active travels which can all be comfortably booked online. Go check out our specials!

Adventure holidays for everyone

You want to book exciting adventure holidays? Getting out into nature and leaving the daily routine behind for once? Then it's time for an exciting travel adventure, a trip or a guided tour!

If boredom in a deck chair under palm trees does not meet your ideas of traveling, then you're in the right place here. Where else can you regain more strength from your daily tasks and enjoy life at the same time as, for example, on a multi-day alpine tour, a canyoning trip or on a rafting boat?

Our adventure tours range from trekking on Mallorca, hiking over the Alps to snowshoeing through a winter wonderland. Which adventure is on your bucket list?

Booking your next vacation from home

Holidays are the best time of the year. Pure relaxation, action and adventure yes, but, if possible, without any stress. How great it is that you can escape stress by using our services on in advance.

Simply select a category, then make up your mind about the region or location and we will list your search results according to your criteria.

While others spend time sifting through offers of local providers during their vacation, you're already set to go! Your excursions and guided tours are already booked from the comfort of your own home. That's our idea of a stressless vacation.