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Aravaipa Canyon Backpacking

Trekking · Arizona
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Aravaipa Canyon is a true gem of the Sonoran Desert, and a perfect place for spring or fall backpacking in the Southwest.

On a 3-day guided backpacking trip to this Arizona gem, you can wander through side canyons and climb up boulders if you’re feeling adventurous, or hang creekside in a hammock while you read a book. A balance of relaxation and exploration is found. Sound like your kind of adventure?

  • 3 Days, 2 Nights
  • Activity: Backpacking
  • Destination: Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness, Arizona
  • Accommodations: Backcountry Camping
  • Difficulty: Moderate

What do you picture when you hear the term ‘desert’? Whatever may come to mind, it is unlikely to include lush grasslands, verdant groves of cottonwood and sycamore trees, and crystal-clear water that flows year-round. That is exactly what you’ll find on our Aravaipa Canyon backpacking trip! An Arizona highlight, this secluded canyon has long been an oasis for backpackers looking for adventure in the Sonoran Desert.

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Nature Reserve · Arizona

Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness

Nature Reserve
3 Days
Available until
December 30, 2019

Price Includes:

  • Meals starting lunch Day 1 through lunch Day 3
  • Filtered water during van transfers and a variety of healthy hiking snacks
  • Professional Wilderness First Responder certified guide(s)
  • Kitchen and group gear (cooking utensils, stove, fuel, water filter, food storage where needed, dish washing necessities)
  • Personal mess kit (bowl, mug, fork, spoon)
  • Van transfers to/from Holiday Inn Express to the Aravaipa Wilderness
  • Bottled water and snacks for van transfers
  • Backcountry permit for 2 nights of camping

Not Included​​​​​​:

  • Personal insurance and expenses
  • Pre- or post-trip lodging
  • Breakfast Day 1, dinner Day 3
  • Airport transfers
  • Air transportation
  • Sleeping bag (available to rent from AOA)
  • Sleeping pad (available to rent from AOA)
  • Backpacking pack (available to rent from AOA)
  • Backpacking tent (available to rent from AOA)
  • Trekking poles (complimentary upon request)
  • Gratuities to AOA Guides

Public transport

Transportation to the trailhead is included with the price of this offer. 

Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

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