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Themenwege im Tannheimer Tal

Thematic trails

Understanding rather than just seeing: Thematic trails (often also referred to as nature trails) are usually easy to walk and run on well-developed paths. Various stations offer display boards and maps and provide information about natural, historical, cultural or culinary features.
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Different types of thematic trails

Barefoot or planetary path? Wine or fitness trail? Meditation or sculpture path? There are many different types of thematic trails.

They all have one thing in common: They inform hikers about the development of the landscape, about local animal and plant species, the history of a region or cultural peculiarities.

The stations along the way range from simple display boards to play and discovery trails for the whole family.

Discovering a thematic trail
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Who can use thematic trails?

Basically everyone. Thematic trails can be categorized by difficulty and topic, so that everyone can find a suitable option.

Especially if you are accompanied by children, you will appreciate thematic trails. Nowadays, it becomes more and more difficult to lure the little ones into nature.

However, thematic trails with information boards and play stations offer an ideal incentive for a short or longer walk.

This way, children don't just have to walk, they can also learn something – which always happens in a playful way. Puzzles and play stations as well as mascots make thematic trails interesting for children.


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