Travel Guide Gardasee Mountain hikes

Mountain hikes at Lake Garda

In total there are about 240 mountain hikes for you to discover within the region of Gardasee. To get a first glimpse of what’s awaiting outdoor enthusiasts like you in Gardasee, we created a short highlight list:
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The best mountain hikes at Lake Garda

Mountain Hike The view from Punta Larici
6.3 km
3:00 h
571 m
565 m
Loop that leads from Pregasina to Punta Larici, an incredible lookout point overlooking Lake Garda, passing along the "Senter de la Costa" 
from Valentina Bellotti,   Garda Trentino
25.4 km
13:45 h
2086 m
2086 m
Sleeping in a mountain hut is always a thrill. This excursion has an overnight stay in the mountains followed by a super panoramic hike back down ...
from Staff Outdoor GardaTrentino SO,   Garda Trentino
moderate Multistage route
71.5 km
31:45 h
4085 m
4084 m
4 stages hikeable all year round, from the lake shore to more than 1000 m. a.s.l., from Mediterranean vegetation to Alpine woods: one loop, all the ...
from Valentina Bellotti,   Garda Trentino
difficult Stage 1
17.2 km
8:04 h
1355 m
478 m
Start out with a hike through the valleys and mountain hamlets of Garda Trentino on little-frequented trails and country lanes and enjoyed the ...
from Valentina Bellotti,   Garda Trentino
6.2 km
3:00 h
470 m
5 m
Ponale Trail is the best known and most popular in Garda Trentino: easy but at the same time spectacular as its winds sheer above the lake, a ...
from Valentina Bellotti,   Garda Trentino
Mountain Hike · Garda Trentino

21. The forts of Monte Brione

6.9 km
3:00 h
375 m
376 m
An easy trek to explore the Austro-Hungarian border defences along the Sentiero della Pace or Peace Trail
from Staff Outdoor GardaTrentino SO,   Garda Trentino

20. Busatte – Tempesta Trail, a classic of Garda Trentino

The Busatte - Tempesta Trail is one of the most well-known and popular hikes in the area. 

Garda Trek - Medium Loop 4: From Bolognano to Riva del Garda

Now you have explored the inland area, the trek turns south again, towards the shores of lake Garda, which dominates the last stretch of the GardaTrek Medium Loop

Timeless panorama: the Ponale road

For more than a century the Ponale road has enchanted travellers. This route is ideal for all those who want to enjoy a nice walk and a breath-taking view over Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains. 

Bastione and Santa Barbara, the lords of Riva del Garda

From Riva del Garda to Bastione and then on up to Santa Barbara: this hike touches on two of the symbols of the town perched on the mountainside above Riva del Garda    

Among flowers and trenches - Dromaè and Cima d'Oro

Woods, malghe, meadows with expanses of daffodils and peonies in bloom, Austrian trenches and breathtaking views over Lake Ledro are all to be found along the path that leads to Dromaè and Cima d’Oro (i.e. Golden Summit), which owes its name to the colour it takes at sunset.

On the roof of Valle di Ledro: Monte Cadria

The ascent from the woods of Concei to the top of Monte Cadria is among the most demanding that Valle di Ledro has to offer, but also one of the most rewarding.

WWI: from S. Giovanni to Cima Rocca

This trail is highly recommended for all history fans: a visit to the system of tunnels in Cima Rocca together with breathtaking views of Lake Garda

Monte Cocca

Route which leads up to the top of Monte Cocca, offering a beautiful view over Lake Ledro and the villages on the valley floor.

GardaTrek - Low Loop 1: from Riva del Garda to Arco

The first stage of the trek links the two main towns in Garda Trentino and takes you from Riva del Garda to Arco.

From Nago to the summit of Monte Altissimo

Monte Altissimo is one of the most popular destinations with hikers in Garda Trentino who are drawn by its wonderful lake views which change with every bend along the trail.

From Malga Campo to Monte Stivo, a balcony over Lake Garda

This is a trail for experienced hikers which leads to Cima Bassa and then along the ridge to the summit of Stivo, one of the most spectacular viewing points in Garda Trentino

Along the torrent Massangla

Circular route along the old Roman road to Croina, among natural and historical wonders. 

Monte Tomeabrù

Monte Tomeabrù offers a wonderful view over Lake Ledro. This route is a good alternative to the well-trodden path to Cima Parì.

Equipped trail "del Berghem": Foci - Laste Basse - Berghem - San Martino

A new trail, inaugurated in May 2017, which climbs the slopes of Rocchetta and Monte Tombio, connecting Riva del Garda to the archaeological site of San Martino.

6. High above Val del Sarca (Monte Colodri - Monte Colt)

A hike along the Colodri and Colt ridges, natural balconies overlooking the Sarca Valley. Please note this trail is only for sure-footed experienced hikers!

GardaTrek - Medium Loop 3: from Ceniga to Bolognano

Between the Sarca Valley and the slopes of Monte Stivo, this stage of GardaTrek Medium Loop crosses some of the lesser known but equally charming areas of Garda Trentino

A hike around Monte Calino, the mountain of Tenno

This hike is all about Monte Calino, close to Tenno. It is like a natural balcony overlooking the Busa, as locals call the Basso Sarca plain, and lake Garda.

23. The Great War: along the Segrom ridge to Malga Zures

A hike along the Austro-Hungarian line of defence, the imposing fortifications built at the turn of the Twentieth century to defend the southern border

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