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Mountain biking trails in Götaland

In total there are about 79 mountain biking trails for you to discover within the region of Götaland. To get a first glimpse of what’s awaiting outdoor enthusiasts like you in Götaland, we created a short highlight list:
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The best mountain biking trails in Götaland on our interactive map

Mountain Biking · Bohuslän

Sverige-Norge Border Bike and Walk

Mountain Biking Älgafallet
4.8 km
0:46 h
97 m
90 m
the view is worth the ascent, even though it is a steep path and you will have to carry your bike.
from Werner Baumann,   Community
Mountain Biking · Småland

Strömbergshyttan Bike South East

2.7 km
0:18 h
39 m
39 m
MTB forest trail
from Magnus Rundgren,   Community
Mountain Biking · Småland

Römningen rundt

21.5 km
1:49 h
40 m
38 m
Flot runde der både kan cykles og klares til fod. Anbefaler MTB
from Steen Graakjær,   Community
Mountain Biking · Skåne


27.9 km
9:19 h
384 m
385 m
A realatively tough route on some newly made trails. About 300 m climbing over 30 km.
from Andy G,   Community
Mountain Biking · Skåne

Bockeboda MTB-trail

6.4 km
2:15 h
55 m
55 m
Bockeboda MTB-trail: narrow and technical trail for mountainbike and trail running, moderate to difficult, signs with reflectors for darkness, be ...
from Stiftelsen Skånska Landskap,   Community
Mountain Biking · Skåne


30.8 km
10:49 h
409 m
411 m
All natural trails, no man made!
from Andy G,   Community


All natural trails, no man made!

Rödluvan & Vargen

Rödluvan & Vargen + Torrekullaförintaren från Happyride.

Pre-Breakfast ride in Mösseberger

Mostly tractor roads, with a short single-track section thrown in.

Hjälmmossen vindskydd ToR

Mostly gravel, test ridden. Hard to find the way past Stensjön

Västra Ängårdsbergen

A Clasic, Fast and tecnical.

Ängårdsbergen runt

Fun and fast track.

Vita slingan Björnstorp

Markerad MTB led

Långa vägen till Hjälmmossen

Grusvägar och kringelkrokar till Hjälmmossen.

Mtb Girot 2.5 mil

MTB girot, korta

Till Genarp, schyssta stigar

Bra väg till Genarp med mycket stig.


All natural trails, no man made!

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