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Excellently equipped for the outdoors: thousands of professional editors create tours of various activities with proven representations including elevation profile, surface types, detailed description, points of interest along the routes and more.

Save offline

Essential in areas with poor network coverage and abroad: All content can be saved, with a few clicks, for offline use locally on the device.


Always included: the perfect outdoor map available worldwide. In Germany, Austria and Italy including especially accurate contour lines, rock indications, all hiking trails and optional layers. Zoom bar with a scale of 1:25,000 and essential for every outdoor enthusiast.

Tour planning on the go

Always save to your destination: with the tour planner on the go you can simply enter starting and destination point and receive hiking or cycling route recommendations. Many options available to find the perfect route.

Record your own tours

Precision for outside: record tours with ease, included georeferenced images, detailed statistic, speedometer, live elevation profile and much more.

Publish tours

Be part of the community: publish personally planned and recorded tours on the outdooractive platform. Rank and comment on other tours. Show others your own dream tour. Synchronization between web and app (for Android available soon).


Under the heavens always on the right track: simply navigate along existing or self-created tours. How far is it to the destination? Where do I turn off? Including voice output. Impossible to get lost.

Professional weather forecast

Professional weather forecast for every trail and for huts: three-day forecast including data for temperature, wind, precipitation, snowfall and snowfall heights in three hours sections (powered by MetGIS).

Windows Phone users, watch out! GeoMeterPro is the first and only Windows Phone App that offers the use of our topographic Outdooractive maps. The In-App-Purchase includes both: our beautiful outdoor maps and our tourplanning technology.


Questions or feedback about our outdooractive apps provide us with details of the app, device and operating system.