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  • Luftaufnahme Burg Fleckenstein/Nordelsass
    Luftaufnahme Burg Fleckenstein/Nordelsass Photo: Foto Kurt Groß, Südwestpfalz Touristik e.V.

Long distance hiking trails in Alsace - Champagne-Ardenne - Lorraine

In total there are about 104 long-distance hikes for you to discover within the region of Grand Est. To get a first glimpse of what’s awaiting outdoor enthusiasts like you in Grand Est, we created a short highlight list:
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The best long-distance hikes in Grand Est on our interactive map

Long-Distance Hiking

Interregio Hike : 3 Lands, 1 path

206.3 km
55:00 h
4005 m
4005 m
Hike in the Land of Three Borders between Switzerland, France and Germany and discover a fascinating and varied corner of Europe. Itinerary created ...
from Visit Alsace,   Visit Alsace
Long-Distance Hiking · Germany

Hiking across Germany on a Green Carpet

1021.5 km
334:26 h
20674 m
20406 m
I tried to connect different European hiking trails, Pilgrims routes, nature paths and other regional trails to find my way through Germany.
from EVA dinarica,   EVAdinarica Project
148.5 km
38:18 h
1410 m
1313 m
The 654 long distance hiking trail links Belgium to southwestern France for about 1,750 kilometres, from Namur via Châlons-en-Champagne to Montréal ...
from Tourisme Aube en Champagne,   Tourisme Aube en Champagne
Long-Distance Hiking · Vosges

GR® of Pays de la Déodatie (south loop)

175.1 km
55:00 h
5046 m
5044 m
Departing from Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, this 177 km route can be covered in 13 days of walking.
from Massif des Vosges,   Massif des Vosges
moderate Stage 18 open
12.7 km
4:00 h
0 m
742 m
On this stage, you'll hike across a regional border, from the Grand-Est region to Bourgogne-Franche Comté. 
from Massif des Vosges,   Massif des Vosges
moderate Stage 14 open
18.9 km
6:15 h
804 m
348 m
Starting in the village of Le Bonhomme, the path winds up to the ridge. In Le Tanet, enjoy a 360° view. The stage finishes at the Col de la ...
from Massif des Vosges,   Massif des Vosges

Crossing the Vosges Mountains - Stage 8 - Urmatt - Schirmeck

Starting in Urmatt, the trail heads into the forest and leads to La Porte de Pierre (the stone gateway), a rock shaped by erosion measuring 7 m wide and 5 m high. 

Crossing the Vosges Mountains - Stage 5 - La Petite Pierre - Saverne

The exceptional houses in the rocks of Graufthal can be seen just after La Petite-Pierre. 

Pfalz: Schönau - Schweighofen (day 49)

Hiking from Amsterdam to the Balkans. Germany stage 10: Pfalz.

SaarRadWeg: Fremersdorf - Saarbrücken (day 43)

Hiking from Amsterdam to the Balkans. Germany stage 4: Saarland.

Pfalz: Bärenbrünnerhof - Schweigen (day 55)

Hiking from Amsterdam to the Balkans. Germany stage 16, Süd-Pfalz

Schweigen - Scheibenhardt (day 56)

Hiking from Amsterdam to the Balkans. Germany stage 17, Rheinland-Pfalz

Scheibenhardt - Römerhütte (day 57)

Hiking from Amsterdam to the Balkans. Germany stage 18, Rheinland

3-daagse bivaktocht in de Hoge Vogezen.

Een wandeltocht gebaseerd op Debbie Sanders’ Bourgondische trektocht in de hoge Vogezen. Voor mijn zwager, Philip, was dit zijn eerste kennismaking met een meerdaagse trektocht. Het traject brengt ons langs de derde hoogste berg van de Vogezen en het bekendste pad, namelijk het Sentier Des Roches.

de Maizières-lès-Metz à Trier (Allemagne) - Août 2014

Prochaine petite marche de quelques jours sur GR5F (France) et voie Köln-Trier-Schengen (Allemagne).

100 Infantry Division, 339 Regiment, Dog Comapny Tour

Working on a hiking trip to go where my grandfather went during WW2.  Still a work in progress as I just started the planning of it and never done this before :)

GR5 Ribeauvillé-Thann

Am GR5 entlang von Ribeauvillé nach Thann

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