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  • Eifelsteig - Struffelt Heide
    Eifelsteig - Struffelt Heide Photo: Dominik Ketz, Eifel Tourismus GmbH

Long-distance hikes in Germany

In total there are about 2,903 long-distance hikes for you to discover within the region of Germany. To get a first glimpse of what’s awaiting outdoor enthusiasts like you in Germany, we created a short highlight list:
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Discover the best long-distance hikes in Germany

"Oberallgäuer Rundwanderweg" – Round tour through the Oberallgäu

The hiking trail leads more than 200 km through the most beautiful regions of the scenic Oberallgäu: from the hilly countryside around Kempten, the Allgäu metropolis in the north, down to the south, to the mountains of the mountain range "Nagelfluhkette", the striking peaks of the Allgäu main ...

Alpine crossing on E5 – From Oberstdorf to Meran

The classic alpine crossing: 6-day tour on the route E5 from Oberstdorf to Meran through the beautiful alpine terrain.

Ausbacherhof - Schloß Veldenz in Lauterecken - Veldenz-Wanderweg – Stage 5 (Leading-Quality-Trail - Best of Europe)

The trail continues from Ausbacherhof   towards   Reipoltskirchen, with its   former moated castle, which after its renovation by the County of Kusel, has been turned into a real gem.

Lichtenberg castle - Schloß Veldenz in Lauterecken - Veldenz Wanderweg (Leading Quality Trail - Best of Europe)

It start with a bang: at Lichtenberg castle, the ancestral home of the Counts of Veldenz, high above the small village of Thallichtenberg and the starting point of a trail which finally leads to the Veldenzer Schloß   in Lauterecken.

“Memorial Loop”

The Memorial Loop is a 96-km hiking loop that was opened in 2015.

Reckweilerhof-Ausbacherhof - Veldenz-Wanderweg - Stage 4 (Leading-Quality-Trail - Best of Europe)

The first stop after the start in Reckweilerhof is Heinzenhausen where the idyllic   River Lauter winds its way. Vineyard walls and old vineyards line the way before we enjoy a magnificent view of the   "Lauter-Schleife" in Hohenöllen.

Kusel- proximity Rothselberg (Connection Palatine Trail) - Remigius- Wanderweg –

A 39.8 km long hiking trail in the heart of the Palatinate Highlands, which is very well suited as a single or multi-day tour.  From Kusel parking 1,5 km – Trail Marking: White "R" on a yellow background = feeder path to Winter helle.

Lichtenberg castle - Rathsweiler - Veldenz-Wanderweg - Stage 1 (Leading-Quality-Trail - Best of Europe)

This tour starts with a bang: Burg Lichtenberg , the ancestral home of the Counts of Veldenz and situated   high above the small village of Thallichtenberg is the starting point of the trail, the first stage of which ends   in Rathsweiler.

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