Travel Guide Friuli-Venezia Giulia Long-distance hikes

Long-distance hikes in Friuli-Venezia Giulia

In total there are about 110 long-distance hikes for you to discover within the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. To get a first glimpse of what’s awaiting outdoor enthusiasts like you in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, we created a short highlight list:
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The best long-distance hikes in Friuli-Venezia Giulia on our interactive map

Long-Distance Hiking

Hiking Slovenia: From Via Alpina to Via Dinarica

This route is a combination of the Via Alpina, the Via Dinarica White Trail, other existing hiking trails in Slovenia, my own hiking tracks and Outdooractive routeplanner. 

ST35 AAT: Prosecco/Prosek – Lipica

In a region where Miramare Castle is reflected in the sea which is whipped by the bora, you can enjoy a glass of wine Teran with some prosciutto from the Karst, and look forward to seeing the snow white Lipizzan horses.

JULIANA TRAIL - overall tour

JULIANA TRAIL is a 267-km-long trail around the Julian Alps. The trail leads through valleys, over mountain passes, forests, through urban and rural areas and along the Soča and Sava rivers.

ST36 AAT: Lipica - Bagnoli della Rosandra

The penultimate tour of Alpe Adria Trail starts in Lipica in Slovenia, brings to the karstplateau along the Hills Kokoš and Veliko Gradišče and ends in Bagnoli della Rosandra, at the suburbs of Trieste, where you can smell the parfume of the sea.

16 CRETON DI TUL - Sappada

A secondary summit located between Creta Forata and the saddle of the same name, it is one of the few peaks reachable by hikers who only have a little experience.

38 MONTE OREGONE PASS from the Sorgenti del Piave refuge - Sappada

The wide grassy saddle that connects the valley of the rio Oregone with the Frohntal and is enclosed between monte Tap de Cadene to the north and monte Oregone to the south.


The Costone Eynard is a powerful shoulder of rocks and steep grassy slopes located just west of monte Chiadènis. The name Eynard comes from the commanding officer of the front line garrison during the First World War.

37 MONTE OREGONE - Sappada

A secondary peak, a predominantly grassy esplanade with a flattened top and a unique trapezoidal shape, located in a slightly isolated position almost halfway between the green ridge marking the border and the Peralba massif.

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