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  • Fernwanderweg E5 von Oberstdorf nach Meran
    Fernwanderweg E5 von Oberstdorf nach Meran Photo: Stefan Premer, Aktiv am Berg

Long-distance hikes in Austria

In total there are about 2,153 long-distance hikes for you to discover within the region of Austria. To get a first glimpse of what’s awaiting outdoor enthusiasts like you in Austria, we created a short highlight list:
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Discover the best long-distance hikes in Austria

"Oberallgäuer Rundwanderweg" – Round tour through the Oberallgäu

The hiking trail leads more than 200 km through the most beautiful regions of the scenic Oberallgäu: from the hilly countryside around Kempten, the Allgäu metropolis in the north, down to the south, to the mountains of the mountain range "Nagelfluhkette", the striking peaks of the Allgäu main ...

Alpine crossing on E5 – From Oberstdorf to Meran

The classic alpine crossing: 6-day tour on the route E5 from Oberstdorf to Meran through the beautiful alpine terrain.

3-day-tour: Klafferkessel

Klafferkessel tour is filled with many experiences. With the 3-day-tour you can take all the time you need and take in the wonderful nature along this beautiful trail.

Mitterkirchen – Grein Stage

The Donausteig - simply fabulous! Summit assault onto the Gobelwarte - one of the seven Donausteig-peaks. We are moving from the plains of fertile Machland over the promising Gobelwarte into the narrow Donaukerbtal (valley) of the Strudengaus.

Wachau World Heritage Trail 06: Maria Laach - Aggsbach Markt

Around 7 kilometers distance between Maria Laach (Jauerling plateau) with its meadows and via estate „Schleinkhof“ down to Aggsbach Markt at the Danube for this stage.  

Wachau World Heritage Trail 03: Weißenkirchen - Spitz

From Weißenkirchen to Spitz your way leads through the impressive heart oft he Wachau stone terraces and vineyards. The wine growers villages of Weißenkirchen and Spitz invite you to rest and enjoy the wine of the area.

Wachau World Heritage Trail 02: Dürnstein - Weißenkirchen

On your walking tour from Dürnstein to Weißenkirchen almost 17 kilometers long you probably find the most popular ruin in Austria. Also including a wonderful rock and forest landscape around Dürnstein and great views as well as the famous wine terraces with vineyards named „Klaus“ and „Achleiten“.

Panorama Trail 100 - stages south of the River Enns

A hiking enjoyment pure is expecting you at the Panoramaweg 100. A loop hiking trail  on the left or on the right-hand side of the Enns, with a length of 117 km and at an altitude from 700m to 1300m.

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