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Find Books and Maps for your next Journey

Maps for outdoor activities

Whether you are on a hiking or ski tour, having reliable maps is an absolute must. On Outdooractive you are provided with a great variety of hiking maps, topographical maps and official regional maps for different outdoor activities. Every map offered by our renowned partners is available in practical scales between 1:25 000 to 1:75 000 and offers detailed information about the terrain, such as hiking trails, paths, cycle tracks, contour lines, shelters, parking lots or slope angle.

Finding travel guides

You even find a wide selection of printed travel guides for your next journey. Whether on holiday or at home – you can discover interesting tours, sights and places to visit with our printed travel guides. Look for a region on the map and you will receive a list of travel guides that are available and offered by renowned publishers ranging from classic hiking and travel guides to themed travel guides specialised in ski tours, mountain tours and winter hiking tours.

Buying maps and travel guides online

In case you select a region in the interactive map, we will superimpose all of the available maps and printed travel guides. And if you mark a respective symbol, we will superimpose the outlines of the area covered by the printed travel guide or the respective map. Therefore you can be sure that it contains the information about the wanted area. When you come across the right product, you can purchase it right away and have it delivered to your home.