Slovak Paradise - the first experience.

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What is it like when you first go to the hills called Paradise?

You are just expecting paradise, and when you find it, you are blessed. A large part of Slovakia consist of mountain ranges, wild mountain streams form deep valleys, forests cover steep slopes surrounded by beautiful meadows. Slovak Paradise offers it in the most beautiful form, spiced with countless waterfalls.

In the summer of 2018, our regions experienced a long period of drought, the streams changed to rills and mountain rivers to streams. Even so, the waterfalls were majestic. Above the bows, butterflies fluttered in the hot air, and flowers of all colours and shapes were brilliant in the grass.

To this Paradise, I do invite you with my companions, and I believe I inspire you to your own wanderings in this beautiful region.

public · updated on: August 07, 2020
18.5 km
6:52 h
587 m
588 m
Trail from Podlesok through Hornád and Kláštorská gorges to the tourist routes crossroad at Kláštorisko. Through Kysel gorge back to Podlesok. 
from Luděk Kühr,   Alpdest CEE
moderate open
14 km
4:20 h
385 m
430 m
Výprava jednou z nejkrásnějších dolin severní části Slovenského ráje.
from Luděk Kühr,   Alpdest CEE
14 km
4:28 h
455 m
455 m
From Dedinky village near the reservoir Palcmanská maša through the Zejmarská gorge to Geravy and through Malé Zajfy valley back. In the morning, ...
from Luděk Kühr,   Alpdest CEE
moderate open
16.6 km
5:28 h
663 m
662 m
Nejnavštěvovanější roklinou Suchá Belá přístupnou přímo z Podlesku na Kláštorisko a zpět přes Karturziánský most a Letánovský mlýn do Hrabušic. 
from Luděk Kühr,   Alpdest CEE
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