Digitize the Planet

"Digitize the Planet" is a non-profit organization that works to promote nature conservation. The aim of the association is to convert established rules and conduct when in nature into a digital format and to make these freely available as open data.

How do we achieve this goal?

The association has set itself the task of digitizing information relating to conservation, legal regulations on the use of nature and local policy and safety information.

To achieve this, digital and freely available data (open data) are required to capture not just this information, but also its legal basis. By integrating this data into websites, apps, navigation systems and digital assistants, greater digital visitor guidance is provided to those frequenting tourist destinations and protected areas.

Why is visitor guidance so important?

Outdoor activities have become increasingly popular as a result of more and more people recognizing the appeal and beauty of nature. Yet this desire to be active and out in the natural world is placing increasing pressure on it. It is also leading to more frequent conflicts with hunters, property owners, agriculture and forestry and many other people and activities, as, for example, nature reserves are encrouched on. 

In order to counteract these issues, it is necessary to provide effective, digital visitor guidance. This gives everyone the opportunity to learn in advance about local regulations and what is prohibited, whilst informing themselves at the same time which areas are accessible or restricted.

How Outdooractive is supporting the “Digitize the Planet” initiative

As Europe's largest outdoor platform, Outdooractive is actively committed to promoting nature conservation. This is why we are anually donating 1% of our revenue generated by Pro / Pro+ memberships to non-profit organizations that support environmental protection as part of the “1% for the planet” initiative. This includes Digitize the Planet. 
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