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Recommended mountain huts and refuges

Finding the perfect hut

Finding the perfect hut is easy:  are you looking for somewhere to sleep overnight ahead of a day trip? Are you planning a multi-stage hike from hut to hut and wanting nice places to stay in? 

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a cold drink and a hearty meal after a strenuous climb can confirm: cabins, mountain huts and refuges are welcoming places to be. 

So what are you waiting for? Find the most rustic and beautiful mountain huts worldwide – especially in Germany, Austria and Switzerland- right here. 

Hiking and trekking from hut to hut

Be it a day trip or a multi-stage hike: Outdooractive gives you the possibility to get detailed information on all possible ascents and descent routes to and from a huge collection of mountain huts- as well as all the trails in between!

The large alpine-club huts are given as much attention as lonely cabins that are available for private use. The detail pages of all 33,000 huts provide information about opening times, contact details and an overview of the facilities and the number of beds in dormitories and winter rooms. 

In addition to that, you can gather info on weather and current conditions around the huts. Find an awesome place to stay with Outdooractive when planning your next  adventure.