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Hiking in the Allgaeu Region

The Allgaeu is a true paradise for everyone who enjoys the great outdoors. Whether it is a climb up to one of the region’s many peaks – as for example Hochvogel, Großer Krottenkopf or Mädelegabel – or hike through the adventurous Starzlachklamm or Eistobel. Easier tours in the valley impress with the beautiful mountain landscape. The Allgaeu has a wide-ranging spectrum of tours and destinations.
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The best hiking routes in the Allgaeu Region

difficult Multistage route
173.9 km
36:00 h
8353 m
9040 m
The classic alpine crossing: 6-day tour on the route E5 from Oberstdorf to Meran through the beautiful alpine terrain.
from Julia Gebauer,   Outdooractive Editors
Hiking route · Allgäu

Climbing the Mittag

11.3 km
4:00 h
740 m
740 m
We experience a diverse tour at the eastern end of the Nagelfluhkette. This is a perfect entry point to the nature park Nagelfluhkette as well.
from Martin Lässig,   Outdooractive Editors
210.2 km
93:00 h
7664 m
7663 m
The hiking trail leads more than 200 km through the most beautiful regions of the scenic Oberallgäu: from the hilly countryside around Kempten, the ...
from Julia Grimm,   Outdooractive Editors
16.3 km
7:45 h
1017 m
1040 m
This fantastic tour can start either in Bolsterlang or Ofterschwang and takes you over the popular Hörner Panorama Tour along the Weiherkopf, ...
from Gästeinformation Bolsterlang,   Tourismus Hörnerdörfer GmbH
Hiking route · Allgäu

Rund um Immenstadt

12.7 km
4:00 h
367 m
367 m
Auf dieser Wanderung erleben wir die Vielfalt rund um Immenstadt. Historische Bauten und abwechslungsreiche Naturräume liegen hier auf engem Raum ...
from Martin Lässig,   Outdooractive Editors
Hiking route · Allgäu

Around the Kleiner Alpsee

3.6 km
0:50 h
25 m
25 m
Easy walk along the shore of the Kleiner Alpsee with refreshment and bathing opportunities
from Anna Fischer,   Alpsee Camping GmbH & Co. KG

Across the Sonnenköpfe

This beautiful panoramic trail leads across the peaks of the mountains Sonnenkopf, Heidelbeerkopf and Schnippenkopf.

Grüntenseeweg - nice and easy around the quiet lake

Popular, easy and scenically very appealing circular lake walking route at the foot of the Allgäuer Alps

From the Mittag station in Immenstadt to the Steineberg

This hike is one of the most beautiful tours in the Allgaeu and crosses the first three summits of the Nagelfluh range: Mittag, Bärenköpfle and Steineberg.

Tyrol-Allgäu way of St. James

The Tyrol-Allgäu Way of St James This Alpine Route of St. James, which is both scenically and culturally very attractive, leads off the main roads over three Alpine passes, namely the Fernpass, the old Gaichtpass and the Jochpass.

Panoramic hike: hike along the border on Fellhorn ridge

On a panoramic hike on Fellhorn ridge This hike along the border runs on a broad ridge between the Kleinwalsertal and the Allgäu. Under such conditions, there is nothing to block a great panorama.


If you like water you will love this tour to the Breitachklamm Gorge! An easy hike on varied hiking trails from Riezlern along the small river Breitach – occasions for resting and picnicking included.

Around the lake Freibergsee

Easy route to a shimmering lake next to the impressive ski flying hill

The Eichhörnchenwald - Squirrel Forest

Have you ever experienced a squirrel or birds eating out of your hand? On this route, you can share your nuts with the inhabitants of the forest. A playground and a crazy golf course in the Kurpark of Fischen ensure that the little walk stays exciting.

Smuggler's Trail (Schmugglersteig)

The smugglers' trail from Wannenjoch to Iseler - great fun for the whole family!

Ascending B'schießer and Ponten from Schattwald

An enjoyable and varied round trip that takes in the summits of B'schießer and Ponten.

GeoPanoramaway Breitenberg - Füssner Jöchle

A journey through the origins of the mountains

Heimen to the Beichelstein

A simple hiking trail with great views and a nice Gasthof to rest at the end!

To the climbing forest "Bärenfalle" and the "Alpsee Coaster"

The large high ropes course and the rapid ride on the summer toboggan run "Alpsee Coaster" make the tour an experience for the whole family.

Ofterschwanger Horn - a comfortable walk round the peak

A nice and easy walk with great views of the Alps at Oberstdorf. (suiteable for prams)

High moor hike on Hörnlepass

Walser Omgang hike - Discover the hidden. A regenerating half-day tour

Following the "Kuhnigunde" trail in Diepolz

Family hike on a adventure trail around the farming museum in Diepolz

From lake Alpsee to the Siedelalpe

Round trip from the village Bühl to the Siedelalpe with a possibility to stop at a restaurant and with a beautiful alpine panorama

"Gutes vom Dorf" - Culinary hike through Ofterschwang

Tradition, untouched landscape and a lot of regional delicacies - that is what distinguishes Ofterschwang.

Urlaub in Bayern / Alpen – Wandern auf der Wandertrilogie Allgäu
Video: Allgäu

The Allgaeu’s most popular hiking routes

A tour to the peak of the Grünten (often referred to as “Watcher of the Allgaeu”) is for everyone of a solid basic condition to climb up the short but sharp ascent. The reward is a fantastic view over the south of Oberallgaeu. If you start your hike in the early hours of the days, you have a chance to witness a breathtaking sunrise.

The comfortable hike over the Obermaiselsteiner Sagenweg (myth path of Obermaiselstein) up to the Sturmanns cave gives interesting insight into the Allgaeu myths. The cave at the end of the tour is a popular attraction for younger explorers.

One of the best places to admire the Allgaeu Alps is the Hauchenberg peak. There is a view tower at Alpkönigsblick. A hiking route starting in Missen leads the viewpoint and can ideally be combined with a visit to the Bergbauernmuseum in Diepolz.

If you choose to take the European long distance trail E5 for your alpine crossing, the starting point is set in the Allgaeu. The first leg leads from Oberstdorf up to the Kemptner hut and continues to the Mädelejoch at the German-Austrian border.

When you should ever get the chance to visit eastern Allgaeu (Ostallgäu), you should not miss the opportunity to admire Schloss Neuschwanstein (Neuschwanstein Castle). In case you want to avoid other tourists simply take a hike around the Tegelberg and enjoy the spectacular sight of the castle – free of charge!

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