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In total there are about 1,211 hikes for you to discover within the region of Swabian Alb Center. To get a first glimpse of what’s awaiting outdoor enthusiasts like you in Swabian Alb Center, we created a short highlight list:
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Hikes Burgberg


On the route around Seeburg we experience the scenic diversity of the Uracher Ermstal valleys. Balmy mixed forests, juniper meadows and wildly romantic gorges make the hike a locals favorite.


First pure nature, taking in forests, cave and rock formations and ending with a fabulous view over the town of Bad Urach.

Hohenurachsteig Bad Urach

The most prominent landmark of Bad Urach, the ruined castle of Hohenurach, is certainly the highlight of this route, however the stunning views of the cliffs ‘Hanner Felsen’ and the pathways through lush mixed forests complete the hiking experience and are more than worth the effort.


The Hohenwittlingensteig route takes us on a journey into another time. Along the nearly seven-kilometer circular route we see orchards and shaded forests; visit ruins and caves and wander through impressive gorges.

Bad Urach - Uracher Wasserfall - Hohe Warte - Güterstener Wasserfall - Bad Urach

Rundtour Bad Urach - Uracher Wasserfall - Hohe Warte - Güterstener Wasserfall - Bad Urach

Neuffen - Burg Hohenneuffen - Oberlenningen

- Jusiberg - Burg Hohenneuffen - Wilhelmsfels - Beurener Fels

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