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Hiking in Skåne

Scandinavian wilderness in a compact format: You will experience this on a hike through Skåne. The 1000 km long Skåneleden hiking trail network is equally popular with long-distance hikers and day-trippers. Divided into five sections, it connects the fine sandy beaches of Österlen with the rugged cliffs of Kullaberg, the fishing villages on the Baltic Sea and the inland ridges of Hallandsåsen and Söderåsen.
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Tourism in Skåne


  1. The Kust till Kustleden leads for 283 km from Sölvesborg on the east coast to Ängelholm on the west coast, crossing extensive moorlands and extensive dark forests in the sparsely populated north of Skåne.
  2. The Nord till Sydleden runs from Hårsjö in the north to Trelleborg in the south of Skåne.
  3. The Ås till Åsleden runs between Åstorp and Brösarp over Hallandsåsen and through the impressive landscape of Söderåsen National Park.
  4. The Österlenleden offers a round tour through the heart of the south-eastern of Skånes. Picturesque fishing villages, miles of white beaches and lush beech forests await you.
  5. The strait between Denmark and Sweden, which separates the Kattegat from the Baltic Sea, is called Öresund. Along the Swedish shore the Öresundsleden leads from Utvälinge in the north to Löddeköpinge in the south.

Wherever you go – whether in more densely populated areas or in the wilderness – in Skåne you are never far from civilization. It is also significant that there is no place in Skåne from which you cannot reach Skåneleden within a 30-minute drive.

Small villages with cosy B&Bs and cafés welcome hikers - an alternative to staying overnight is the shelters along the way.

Söderåsen and Stenshuvud – hiking in both National Parks of Skånes

For over 150 million years, steep gorges and rocky slopes have characterized the landscape of Söderåsen National Park. Here you can make extensive trekking tours through the original Scandinavian nature and enjoy the magic of the old, dark forests. In Skäralid lies the Grand Canyon of Skåne, from the viewpoints Kopparhatten, Hjortsprånget and Lierna you can enjoy wide views.

Stenshuvud National Park is situated on the shore of the Baltic Sea. It offers sandy beaches, beech forests, sandy heath and swampy areas. Visitors can explore the diverse landscape and rich flora and fauna of southern Sweden. The park is named after the 97 m high Stenshuvud summit.

Nature Reserve · Skåne

Stenshuvud National Park

Nature Reserve Stenshuvud National Park
The Stenshuvud National Park (stone head) is located on the Baltic coast of Skåne, just a few ...
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