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Zwischen Caromb und Beamus-de-Venis

Cycling in Vaucluse

With currently 134 cycle tours all around Vaucluse there are plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts. In total 46 bicycle rides, 15 mountain bike rides, 51 road bike rides and 22 others are waiting to be explored.
Krukmakeri Kafé in Mölle


Skåne is a province at the southern tip of Sweden. Between lively towns such as Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Ystad and Kristianstad lies a region that unites many varied natural areas and with its local products and excellent overnight accommodations will particularly delight holidaymakers.

Cycling in Luxembourg

With currently 149 cycle tours all around Luxembourg there are plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts. In total 66 bicycle rides, 24 mountain bike rides, 30 road bike rides and 29 others are waiting to be explored.
Cycling in Ystad

Cycling in South Sweden

In the south of Sweden, the province of Skåne offers breathtaking scenery for extensive cycling tours. Long winding country roads, bicycle-friendly public transport and accommodation tailored to cyclists offer them everything they need.
Central Skåne-Frostavallen-Nyrup

Hiking in Skåne

Scandinavian wilderness in a compact format: You will experience this on a hike through Skåne. The 1000 km long Skåneleden hiking trail network is equally popular with long-distance hikers and day-trippers.
Der malerisch gelegene Oberfallengrundhof

Black Forest

Experience the diversity of Black Forest. This travel guide is packed with great recommendations for a memorable time: fascinating tours, exciting stories, great offers, diverse ski resorts, attractions, custom accommodations and cozy huts. All for your delight.

Farm holidays

Holidays on a farm offers the perfect break from the hectic everyday life. In the midst of the wonderful nature of Austria and surrounded by friendly farmers, you can immerse yourself in the rural world of life and work and rediscover the balance between man and nature.

Photo: Ralph Fischbacher, Urlaub am Bauernhof Österreich

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