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Lapland fells

Finland – Natural Idyll in the Far North

Finland is the land of nature – characterized by vast green forests and blue lakes. The wilderness can still be experienced here, in the peace and unspoiled nature of the far north. Even the capital is green and only a short walk away from idyllic national parks, and the vast archipelago.

Finnish Lapland – the Last Wilderness of Europe

Lapland – land of myths and dreams, land where summer and winter meet, land of natural beauty and endless vastness or even the last wilderness of Europe. For the Finns, a trip to Lapland is the only real way to get to know the essence of their country.

Helsinki Region – Finnish capital surrounded by nature

Helsinki, sustainable capital and largest city in Finland, is also a coastal city with over 300 beautiful islands in the archipelago just outside the city gates and stunning green nature right in the city center – pure Finnish lifestyle.

Hiking in Finland

Hiking and trekking are part of Finland's national identity. Many national parks, unspoilt nature, the world’s cleanest air and clear waters provide an ideal backdrop for short trips or expeditions lasting several days.

Top Hiking Trail Zugspitz region

The long-distance hiking trail has been nominated by the hiking magazine as "Germany's Most Beautiful Hiking Trail".

Photo: Erika Spengler, Zugspitz Region GmbH

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