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  • Paddling and hiking in Skåne, Sweden Video: PlanetVisible
  • Central Skåne – Frostavallen – Nyrup Photo: , Apeloga
  • Central Skåne – Frostavallen – Nyrup Photo: , Apeloga
  • Sun rise near Haväng Photo: , Apeloga
  • Hiking along the beaches Rörum Photo: Planet Visible
  • Krukmakeri Kafé in Mölle Photo: , Apeloga
  • Discover small fishing villages along the coast such as Mölle Photo: Carolina Romare
  • Onsvalakallan Photo: , Apeloga


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Skåne is a province at the southern tip of Sweden. Between lively towns such as Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Ystad and Kristianstad lies a region that unites many varied natural areas and with its local products and excellent overnight accommodations will particularly delight holidaymakers.

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The coastlines in the south and west of the region are well developed for tourism. In the medieval town centre of Malmö, bars and restaurants invite you to linger and many small shops invite you to take a stroll. The centre on the southern coast is Ystad, which became famous for the criminal stories of its most famous son Henning Mankell.

Apple cider of Sweden
Apple cider of Sweden
Photo: Carolina Romare

The pretty half-timbered villages in the interior of the country or the fishermen's settlements along the coast, where the freshly caught goods are still processed and smoked as they used to be, are suitable for short day trips. The east of Skåne is still strongly agricultural. Extensive deciduous forests in the interior and areas such as orchards, rapeseed and grain fields earned the area the nickname "Sweden's breadbasket".

The Hallandsåsen and Söderåsen ridges in the northwest are surrounded by one of the largest protected deciduous forests in northern Europe. On the Kullaberg peninsula there are rugged, wind-tanned rock faces and a lighthouse whose light shines far above the Öresund.

The taste of Skåne

Modern haute cuisine meets Nordic specialities: In Skåne all connoisseurs get their money's worth. Even the New York Times has named the southern Swedish province one of the world's most exciting food destinations. Simplicity and freshness - that could be the motto of Skåne's culinary line. Because first-class products from local cultivation are served on the plate.

The garden cafés, which are particularly popular in rural areas, play a particularly important role. During the traditional Swedish coffee break, called "´Fika", sweet or salty pastry specialities are served.

Swedish Fika in a café
Swedish Fika in a café
Photo: Carolina Romare

Where to stay in Skåne

Sleep in a tent under the starry sky or rather reside royally in a castle? The accommodation in Skåne covers the whole spectrum. From cosy and owner-operated B&Bs to exclusive wellness hotels and Farm Stay - Skåne travellers will find everything they need.

Stay in a B&B
Stay in a B&B
Photo: Carolina Romare

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