• Rentier in Lappland
    Rentier in Lappland Photo: Julia Kivelä, Visit Finland
  • Mitternachtssonne in Lappland
    Mitternachtssonne in Lappland Photo: Visit Finland
  • Wanderung im Pallas-Yllästunturi Nationalpark
    Wanderung im Pallas-Yllästunturi Nationalpark Photo: Julia Kivela, Visit Finland
  • Fjell landscape in Lapland Photo: Markus Kiili, Visit Finland
  • Noitatunturi Fjell Photo: Anna Pakkanen, Parks & Wildlife Finland
  • Wanderer im Pyhä-Luosto Nationalpark Photo: Anna Pakkanen, Parks & Wildlife Finland


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Finnish Lapland is one of the sparsest populated regions in Europe: less than two inhabitants live there on one square kilometre. During the summer months, the country is immersed almost continuously in the light of the midnight sun. The long, dark winter days, on the other hand, are illuminated by the magical northern lights.

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Fell landscape and reindeer tracks

Large parts of Lapland lie north of the Arctic Circle. The vegetation has developed accordingly: Huge coniferous forests, moors and barren plateaus with grasses, mosses and lichens characterise the landscape.

Typical for Lapland are the up to 800 m high island mountains, the so-called "Tunturi". The highest elevation in Lapland is the 1328 m high Halti in the border triangle of Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Many animals feel at home in this pristine landscape. Reindeer are the most common, but with a bit of luck you may also come across a moose, eagle or snow grouse.

Hiking in Levi
Photo: LeviLapland

Cities and regions in Lapland

The regions in Lapland are of course particularly inviting for outdoor activities. Ruka-Kuusamo in the south-east is the area of the national parks, besides the famous Oulanka you can discover the national parks Riisitunturi, Hossa and Syöte and cross the border to Russia in Paanajärvi. North of Ruka-Kuusamo you can discover a typical Lappish village in Salla and enjoy the typical Finnish landscape with swamps, rivers and forests.

Levi is the pearl of Lapland and also known for the best air in the world. On the way you can visit Levi Fell or Pallas Yllästunturi National Park and discover the untouched wilderness. In the heart of Lapland lies Pyhä-Luosto with the national park of the same name. The region is characterised by a mountain range, Aapa Moors and gorges.

Activities up north

The unique nature of Lapland is ideal for hiking, trekking and cycling. Canoe trips lasting several days are among the most popular activities in Lapland. Another plus point is that you can be active around the clock during the summer months. The midnight sun bathes the nordic landscape in a particularly beautiful light.

The winters in Lapland are cold and long – but if you are well prepared, you can spend a unique time there. Be it skiing in one of the internationally renowned resorts, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or husky sledding. Or simply by looking at the picturesque northern lights, which can be seen in more than 200 nights.

Cottage in the winter landscape in the Riisitunturi National Park
Photo: Ruka Kuusamo

Discovering a unique culture

Reindeer in Lapland
Reindeer in Lapland
Photo: Visit Ylläs

The Sámi are the only indigenous people in the European Union. Some 6000 of them still live in northern Finland, Sweden, Norway and on the Russian peninsula of Kola.

Many of the Sámi earn their living from reindeer farming, preserving the old tradition. They also have their own language, music, costumes, jewellery and folk festivals. Their interests are represented by their own parliament in Inari.

National Parks in Lapland

The national parks in Lapland are adapted to the climatic conditions and as a whole give a picture of the Finnish wilderness. Nevertheless, they are very different and all of them are well worth seeing to get to know the different aspects of Lapland's nature. The landscape of the parks is characterised by huge forests, bogs and barren plateaus. The typical fell landscape is crossed by numerous hills.

Rovaniemi – the home of Santa Claus

Visit Santa Claus in his home country! In Santa Claus Village you can have a look at the workshop of Santa and his elves, cross the Arctic Circle and take a reindeer sleigh ride.

If you want to see "Santa" in the flesh, you can meet him in the Santa village of Rovaniemi and even ...
from Lena Wiesler,   Outdooractive Editors

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