Travel Guide Crişana

  • Oradea: Greek-Catholic episcopal palace Photo: Paul Cosmin, CC0,
  • Bear Cave/Peștera Urșilor Photo: Zátonyi Sándor, CC BY,
  • Băile Felix/Bad Felix Photo: Saturnian, CC BY-SA,
  • Flavours of Romania - Banat si Crisana Video: Carrefour Romania


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Located north of Mureş, Crişana is named after the three rivers Crişul Alb, Crişul Negru and Crişul Repede (the White, the Black and the Quick Criş) that flow through the region from east to west.

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Discover the region

The biggest cities of the region are Arad and Oradea, both still with a flair of the k.u.k. Monarchy. Many cultural and natural monuments are hidden in the eastern Apuseni Mountains, in addition to the traditional wooden churches there are unique caves, gorges and plateaus.