Travel Guide Bukovina

  • Pietrele Doamnei Photo: Dan Fodor, Outdooractive Editors
  • Visit and Discover Bucovina, Romania Video: Nelstill
  • Mountain Rarău - Bucovina Photo: Dan Fador, CC0
  • Monastery Putna Photo: Dan Fodor, CC0, Outdooractive Editors
  • Moldoviţa Monastery Photo: Nicolas Vollmer, CC BY, Flickr


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Bukovina has special surprises for the tourists, starting from history, legends and culture over the geographical location and breathtaking landscapes to the people - cordial and very good hosts.

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Discover the region

There are plenty of reasons to visit Bukovina: if you love history and culture or if you simply like good food and want to relax in the middle of the beautiful landscapes.

Fortunately there are many other places with these strengths in Romania, but Bukovina has additionally the monasteries and churches that have made the area famous all over the world. Let's not forget also the obvious Austrian influence, which gives the "last hint" to the local Moldovan peculiarity. Even the name Bucovina - comes from the German beech country (Buchenland).

Not at leats, Bucovina has a calming effect on travellers, recharging them with energy and bringing them closer to divinity.

So, come to us and see for yourself that great region!