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    Bikeland Ciclopedonale Photo: P. Bisti, Azienda per il Turismo Madonna di Campiglio Pinzolo Val Rendena

Cycling in Trentino

With currently 3,702 cycle routes all around Trentino there are plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts. In total 365 bike rides, 1,841 mountain biking trails, 842 long-distance mountain biking trails and 654 others are waiting to be explored. We know it’s hard to pick one, so here’s an overview of some of the best cycle routes around Trentino.
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The best cycle routes in Trentino on our interactive map

Mountain Biking · Garda Trentino
734. Malga Grassi
23.8 km
4:45 h
1112 m
1112 m
A classic of Garda Trentino with climbs to satisfy the most serious cyclist. The route is also suitable for the battery charge of current e-bikes.
from Valentina Bellotti,   Garda Trentino
Mountain Biking · Garda Trentino
731. Anello Garda Sarca (Cross Country)
61.6 km
8:50 h
1558 m
1551 m
A long, less technical route kind of route, rideable throughout the year. It is very interesting from a landscape and cultural perspective.
from Valentina Bellotti,   Garda Trentino
Mountain Biking · Altopiano della Paganella
812 "Ude's trail"
S3 difficult
11 km
1:30 h
290 m
750 m
Rifugio "La Montanara" - loc. Fontanella - 352 - Ex Vivaio -  Pian della Lipa - Priori (Tana dell'Ermellino) - Andalo
from Ezio Cattani,   APT Dolomiti di Brenta e Paganella
Mountain Biking · Garda Trentino
766. Giro della Busa (Cross Country)
S0 easy
16.2 km
1:53 h
184 m
191 m
A short ride, within everybody's reach, that touches upon the three communes of la “Busa”: the local dialect name for the land between Riva del ...
from Valentina Bellotti,   Garda Trentino
Mountain Biking · Garda Trentino
770. On the Monte Brione (All Mountain)
S3 difficult
7.1 km
1:15 h
269 m
269 m
From any point of Alto Garda you can see the hill of Monte Brione in the centre of the valley. It makes for a lovely walk, but here we tell you how ...
from Valentina Bellotti,   Garda Trentino
Mountain Biking · Garda Trentino
744. San Giovanni - Bondiga (Cross Country)
S1 moderate
32.7 km
5:55 h
1165 m
1165 m
Quite a considerable elevation gain without any particular technical difficulties to take you to one of the classic destinations for cyclists in ...
from Valentina Bellotti,   Garda Trentino

Bicycle Touring · Rovereto,Vallagarina,Altopiano di Brentonico
Mori-Torbole bike path
19.6 km
2:30 h
100 m
210 m
This track joins the Vallagarina to the area of Lake Garda, and is connected to the Valle dell’Adige cycling path that goes from Trento to Rovereto.
from VisitTrentino,   VisitTrentino

Bicycle Touring · Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo, Val Rendena
Val Rendena Bike Path
23 km
2:09 h
380 m
36 m
from VisitTrentino,   VisitTrentino

Bicycle Touring · Trento,Monte Bondone,Valle dell'Adige
Valle dell'Adige Nord Cycling Path
81.6 km
5:30 h
250 m
125 m
from VisitTrentino,   VisitTrentino

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Get more inspiration

For more than a century the Ponale road has enchanted travellers. This route is ideal for all those who want to enjoy a nice cycling trip and a breath-taking view over Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains. 
744. San Giovanni - Bondiga (Cross Country)
Quite a considerable elevation gain without any particular technical difficulties to take you to one of the classic destinations for cyclists in the area: San Giovanni.
Fiemme cycle route
Beautiful route that runs alongside the Avisio river through villages, meadows and woods.
Von Oberstdorf nach Riva auf der klassischen Heckmair-Route
Fahrtechnisch anspruchsvolle Transalp auf der klassischen Heckmair-Route von Oberstdorf nach Riva del Garda u. a. über den Scalettapass, den Pass Chaschauna und entlang des Ortlermassivs.    
The amazing Val Venegia and Baita Segantini - Tour 934
An immersion in the Paneveggio Natural Park, between the green of the forest and high mountain pastures under the imposing Dolomite walls.
Molina - Bocca Fortini (776)
Rather demanding ascent to Bocca dei Fortini, continuation on flat ground along the forestry road to Passo Guil and descent through the meadows of Guil and Leano towards Prè. 
Cornisello lake tour
A lengthy climb through Val Nambrone, from Sant’Antonio di Mavignola to the Cornisello lakes.
E-Bike Transalp: In sechs Etappen von Füssen nach Riva del Garda
Fahrtechnisch gemäßigte, konditionell eher sportliche Transalp in sechs Etappen von Füssen nach Riva del Garda
3.2. Cycling through the Sarca Valley: from Arco to Fies
This tour, which is easy and suitable for all, is a variation on route number 3. Here the return trip is through the orchards around Dro in the heart of the Sarca Valley
Mount Velo - S.Barbara Pass – Bordala Pass
We are working for you! The detailed descriptions of this tour will be translated soon. Thanks for your understanding.
732. Ponale - Rifugio "Nino Pernici" (All Mountain)
A classic tour of Garda Trentino: a satisfying ascent for the fit and well within the capacity of the battery of current e-bikes; treacherous, “old style” descent  
Val Concei (728)
Easy route, particularly suited for families, which unfolds through villages and fields, huts and woods.  
Fiemme Old Railway
The emotion of cycling along the route of the former railway that connected the Ora to Predazzo. It was built for war purposes during the First World War, and maintained until 1963, also bringing the first tourists to the valley.
The "Sounding Firs" - Tour 933
Fascinating route, it allows you to cross two suggestive Tibetan bridges from which you can see the sparkling waterfalls of the Travignolo stream.
761. Velo - Maso Naranch (Enduro/All Mountain)
A physically challenging route with spectacular scenery, perfect for those looking for downhill runs on natural technical trails. Good steering technique and confidence on steep downhill runs is essential.
733. Riva del Garda - Prè - Passo Guil - Pregasina
A tour with a breathtaking panorama but very challenging, also from a technical point of view. The ascent as proposed here, without the aid of pedal assist, is virtually impossible
Latemar Tour - Tour 930
A perfect itinerary, full of evocative views of the Latemar and Catinaccio Dolomites. The stop at the crystal clear Lake Carezza, a pearl set among fir woods, is truly memorable.
5. From Riva del Garda to Torbole: around Monte Brione
This itinerary is perfect for a relaxing ride in a flat area near to the main towns. This makes it ideal for anyone who wants to take small children on their first bicycle trip.
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