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  • St. John, American Virgin Islands
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  • Bay on the Virgin Islands
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US Virgin Islands

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With their pristine beaches in the Caribbean archipelago, facing the Atlantic or the Caribbean Sea, the Virgin Islands are first and foremost an invitation to idleness. But their mountainous nature, crowned by the rainforest and their underwater bottoms encourage you not to stay on the sand all day. Diving, deep-sea fishing, windsurfing, parachuting, water scooter, sailing, kayaking, surfing and hiking are all waiting for you.

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Discover the region

If you are looking for thrills, a multitude of exciting water activities await you: scuba diving in world-class sites, deep-sea fishing, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle, windsurfing and jet-skiing.

Nowhere else in the Caribbean will you have the opportunity to explore a wreck, a wall, a pier and a reef in a single day of scuba diving! Whether you are a freshly certified diver or more experienced, more than 500 species of fish, 40 types of corals and hundreds of invertebrates living in these crystal-clear waters await you.

The activities on land are just as fascinating, with lush landscapes and breathtaking panoramas, which provide an ideal setting for exploring the surroundings on foot, by bike, on horseback or in 4x4. Many exciting ecotourism tours are also available.

The United States Virgin Islands has a rich cultural heritage that continues to this day. The flags of seven different nations flown successively on these islands, each country having left its distinctive mark on population, history, culture, architecture, art, music and cuisine.

Go back in time by visiting old towns, 17th and 18th century forts, museums and historic sites. Live to the rhythm of local music and take part in the colorful and lively cultural events during the annual carnivals and festivals. Thanks to a range of Caribbean, African, European and American influences, you will experience diversity in all its forms.

You will taste it through local specialties and a cuisine that combines regional flavors and global influences. You will admire it through architecture and art. You will hear it through the enchanting sounds of Quelbe music. You will feel the overwhelming energy that animates all the inhabitants of these islands.

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