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  • Die Insel „Blejski Otok“ auf dem Bleder See
    Die Insel „Blejski Otok“ auf dem Bleder See Photo: CC0,
  • At the headwaters of Soča between Trenta and Bovec
    At the headwaters of Soča between Trenta and Bovec Photo: Maria Seywald
  • East shore of Lake Bohinj
    East shore of Lake Bohinj Photo: Maria Seywald
  • View from medieval Štanjel to the hinterland in the middle of the karst landscape Photo: Maria Seywald
  • Hike along the Mojstrovka Massif starting at Vršičpass Photo: Maria Seywald
  • Sparse mountain massifs and lush pastures in front of the peaks of Sleme Photo: Maria Seywald
  • Wider river point of Soča near Kobarid Photo: Maria Seywald
  • History trail from Kobarid along Soča to the Slap Kozjak waterfall Photo: Maria Seywald
  • East shore of Lake Bohinj in the middle of Triglav National Park Photo: Maria Seywald


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Slovenia is the kind of destination that outdoor enthusiasts return to repeatedly. Do you need some travel tips? Our exclusive guide allows you to conveniently plan your ideal trip to Slovenia. Get exclusive information on the best adventures in the region, events, tips for places to visit and huts and hotels. Here is a short summary of the best tips we’ve got for Slovenia:

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Slovenia: a green country in the heart of Europe

The Republic of Slovenia is known not only among its European neighbours for its natural beauty. Visitors from all over the world are now drawn to the "green country" in the centre of Europe. This title is no coincidence, as the forest areas alone already make up half of the national territory.

The landscape in Slovenia also varies from one region to the next. The high mountains of the Julian Alps, the Karawanken and the Steiner Alps characterize the northwest of the country, while the north-east is characterised by its low mountain ranges and hilly countryside. In the centre and the south of Slovenia you can find the extensive karst areas, more southwest the Slovenian Riviera with its more than 45 km long coast impresses.

Outdoor experiences in Triglav National Park

Slovenia's only national park is located in the middle of the Julian Alps in north-western Slovenia. Hikers, mountaineers, alpinists, mountain bikers and water sports enthusiasts all get their money's worth here.

Between steep rock faces, nature lovers and hikers will find a fascinating interplay of waterfalls, rivers and rapids in the Vintgar Gorge. The gorge measures about 1.5 km and is located in the immediate vicinity of the municipality of Bled.

For hikers and water sports enthusiasts the river walks along Koritnica and Soča are at least as popular. You walk along leisurely paths, cross the numerous suspension bridges and are always impressed by the natural spectacles in the Julian Alps, such as the Soča gorge or the Soča source.

The summit tour to Triglav is an absolute must for all ambitious mountaineers. At 2864 m, it is the highest mountain in the country and therefore also adorns Slovenia's national flag. The scenic tour covers a good 25 km and requires a good basic condition in any case. In addition, the last 250 metres of altitude difference have been set up like a fixed-climb climb.

Excursions in Slovenia: as natural as the landscape itself

In view of Slovenia's diverse landscape, visitors are offered an equally wide selection of (natural) excursion destinations.

The Postojna Cave is one of the most popular caves in Europe for tourists. It is part of Predjama Castle, the largest cave castle in the world. Guided tours through the interior of the karst cave provide exciting insights into the world of natural stone sculptures and the fascinating animal world inside. Especially impressive is the Grottenholm - a Lurch that can live for up to 100 years.

Piran is considered the "city of salt" because of its salt works. Here, salt extraction still takes place according to well-known processes. In addition, the coastal town impresses with the remains of the medieval curtain wall, with its architecture in general and with its numerous attractions, including the maritime museum or the local aquarium. If one strolls through the narrow alleys of Piran, one usually recognizes parallels to nearby Venice.

In the northwest of Slovenia lies the municipality of Bled with its eponymous Lake Bled. The unique feature of the lake is that it is the only Slovenian alpine lake to have an island on which the St. Mary's Church is located. The castle of Bled offers a wonderful view over the lake and the surrounding mountains of the Alps. For those who would like to visit the island up close, a trip on a traditional Slovenian rowing boat, the Pletna, is worthwhile.

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