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    Peleș Castle Photo: Walter Kärcher, CC0,
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    Vară târzie Photo: D L, CC0, Unsplash
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  • Barajul Drăgan-Floroiu, Lunca Vişagului Photo: Paul Mocan, CC BY-SA, Unsplash
  • Biserica Sfântul Gheorghe din incinta Mănăstirii Voroneț Photo: Ione.pomana, CC BY-SA, Wikipedia Commons


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You can experience many unforgettable outdoor adventures in Romania. Here is what our travel guide for this great country has in store four you: fascinating tours, Event, diverse ski resorts, attractions and cozy huts. Be inspired and get to know Romania now.
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The Banat is located in the far west of Romania between the rivers Mureş, Tisa and Danube. The economic and cultural centre is Timişoara, also called "Little Vienna" because of the many baroque buildings.


Bukovina has special surprises for the tourists, starting from history, legends and culture over the geographical location and breathtaking landscapes to the people - cordial and very good hosts.


Crisana is the host region of many cities, castles, thermal waters and imposing mountains, but also the host of traditions that remain almost unchanged by time. 


The Dobruja (Dobrogea) is a flat coastal strip with many wetlands in the northern part and the lime lakes of the Danube. Further inland, the area is slightly hilly and wooded, forming the Dobruja Highlands.


In this charming Romanian region time seems to have stood still. Maramureș is an area where you get the impression of being in an infinite open-air museum. The crafts, the people, their places and their spirit are alive and create a magical attraction for the traveller.


Through its rich folklore, natural beauty and long-standing cultural tradition, Moldova is a region that offers tourists extended ways to spend their leisure time.


Muntenia, also known as the Great Wallachia, is a historic region in the south of Romania. It includes the central and eastern part of Wallachia.


Oltenia is a historic region in southwest Romania, delimited east by the Olt River, south and west of the Danube, and north of the Meridionali Carpathians. Oltenia is distinguished both by the charm offered by nature and by the extraordinary tourist potential and by the rich history that still ...


Transylvania is the largest region of Romania and probably the best known one.
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