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    Netherlands Photo: Outdooractive Editors
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You can experience many unforgettable outdoor adventures in the Netherlands. Here is what our travel guide for this great country has in store four you: fascinating tours, great offers, attractions, custom accommodations and cozy huts. Be inspired and get to know Netherlands now.
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Netherlands - the water country

A quarter of the Netherlands lies below sea level. Not only on the coast, but also inland, the countless canals, ditches, ponds, rivers and lakes make water the dominant element. With mills, polders, dikes and pumping stations, the country has learned in an impressive way how to deal with water and use it for its own purposes. This can be experienced at many places, e.g. at the Afsluitdijk, the famous final dike, at the Deltawerken or in the Weerribben-Wieden National Park.

Actively discover the Netherlands

The most beautiful way to get to know the country is by bike. First-class cycle paths lead through the picturesque cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven or Utrecht. But there are also colourful tulip plantations and romantic villages in the countryside to admire. Those who want to explore Holland on foot can also explore the northernmost of the Benelux countries - whether in the hinterland, on long pilgrim paths or simply leisurely along the long beaches near Zandvoort.

The Netherlands can be explored excellently not only by bicycle, but also on foot. Natural oases such as the Hoge ...
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There may be hardly any other region where cycling enthusiasts feel as comfortable as in the Netherlands. Altogether ...
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