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    Denmark Photo: Svenja Rödig, Outdooractive Editors
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    Denmark Photo: Svenja Rödig, Outdooractive Editors


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You can experience many unforgettable outdoor adventures in Denmark. Here is what our travel guide for this great country has in store four you: fascinating tours, exciting stories, great offers, attractions and custom accommodations. Be inspired and get to know Denmark now.
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On the tracks of the Vikings

There is much to discover in the land of the Vikings. For example, the magnificent castles and royal gardens in Copenhagen and North Zealand, which tell the story of one of the oldest monarchies in the world. Not so easy to find is the little mermaid. This pretty little landmark welcomes all travellers to the port of the capital, which has repeatedly been voted "the most livable city in the world".

Castle · Capital City Region

Rosenborg Castle

Capital City Region
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Denmark's sporty side

But Denmark doesn't just want to be explored culturally, it also wants to be sporty! And it offers a wide range of options for this, both on land and on water. Wide hilly landscapes and over 7000 km of coastline, swamps, forests and rivers invite you to extensive exploration tours, which are easy to find thanks to detailed cycling and hiking signs.

Windsurfers in North Jutland, the northwest of Denmark, on the other hand, enjoy the strongest wind in Europe. Best conditions in cities like Klitmøller - also called "Cold Hawaii". Sailing enthusiasts, who also have a large selection of coasts, islands and bays in Denmark, often come to the Isefjord in the northwest of Zealand. From there it is worthwhile to visit the town of Roskilde, which exhibits the historical remains of five Viking ships found in the fjord and presents one of the largest music festivals every year.

All regions

Capital City Region

The options for travelers in Hovedstaden are diverse and tempting. In search for some trip ideas? Our travel guide provides you with the best places to visit that Hovedstaden has to offer.

Mid Jutland Region

Discover Midtjylland far away from the beaten paths and experience striking outdoor trips. Do you need trip ideas? This exclusive online travel guide allows you to comfortably plan your perfect adventure to Midtjylland.

North Jutland Region

Nordjylland provides outstanding adventures for people who like the outdoors. Looking for some travel suggestions? With this online guide you can plan your holiday to Nordjylland effortlessly. Get inspired by adventures throughout the region, all events, tips for places to visit and places to stay.

Region Zealand

Discover Sjælland far off touristy tracks and live through unforgettable outdoor trips. Are you looking for travel tips? Your exclusive guide allows you to plan your ideal journey to Sjælland.

Region of Southern Denmark

Leave the well beaten paths and discover Syddanmark on your own. Are you looking for some travel tips? Our unique guide allows you to conveniently plan your perfect trip to Syddanmark.
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