• Die Chinesische Mauer
    Die Chinesische Mauer Photo: CC0, pixabay.com
  • Der Himmelstempel in Peking
    Der Himmelstempel in Peking Photo: CC0, pixabay.com
  • Berglandschaft bei Guilin
    Berglandschaft bei Guilin Photo: CC0, pixabay.com
  • Die Skyline von Shanghai Photo: CC0, pixabay.com
  • Die Terrakotta-Armee Photo: CC0, pixabay.com


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The People's Republic of China is a country whose cultural and natural landscapes are incredibly exciting to explore. Massive mountain ranges are as much a part of the landscape as deserts and subtropical monsoon climate. China's culture is equally diverse. Influenced by powerful dynasties and shaped by Buddhist, Confucian and Taoist teachings, Chinese culture has also influenced the customs and traditions of surrounding countries.

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